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Friday, February 26, 2010

1st day of Chinese New Year

We have a tradition during the 1st day of CNY in my family, where we will do the usual prayer with vegetarian, and be a vegetarian for the day.  We will also visit a temple in Seremban where both my grandparents ‘san chu pai’ were placed there for offerings. 

This year has no difference, the only difference was that we left KL later than the past years.. it’s getting later and later as years gone by, and hopefully my grandparents were not too eager waiting for us like the previous years.. So, after having the prayers, and having the morning ‘tong sui’ at home, we left for Seremban at about 8am.

After arriving in Seremban, and did some prayers offering, we will proceed to help ourselves to the vegetarian breakfast served by the temple.  It’s FREE! and we will take turns to eat and occupy 1 table.  We even helped ourselves in refilling the food.. muahaha..

The vegetarian spread is very delicious, and it comprises the followings:-

DSC01000 Lo Hon Chai

DSC00994 Fried Mee

DSC00995 Curry.. (best)

DSC00996 Peanuts with Tai Tao Choy

DSC00997 Sweet Sour Long Beans and Cha Choy

After the makan makan, we usually do some photo session, but this year due to the over heated weather, I just managed to snap 2 photos with Princess..

DSC01003We adjourned to my 1st uncle house after temple, and then to my 4th uncle for lunch… We left my uncles’ at about 5 plus, and got home to meet someone dearie call ‘chow gong’

Of course, later that night, me and Princess went to Seremban again to visit a friend and had steamboat there till about 1am before we were back to KL again..

Hence, this was the 1st day of CNY.. :D


  1. LOL...I die die thought it was Kari Mi the other day. Look so yummy

  2. ur dress looks like nice. can show full pic or not? looks like some silk type???

  3. Wow.. the vegetarian dish looked so delicious!

  4. Your princess is getting cuter each day, Cynthia!

  5. Lucky your photo with princess came out quite nice also. :)


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