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Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd Day of CNY

This day as the previous year, should be a ‘fan ngoi kar’ day where the wife will return to the parents.  As my maternal parents were no longer here, and the Ipoh house is sold by my uncle, this year we didn’t have anywhere to go.  My mum invited her eldest brother’s family to our house on the 2nd day instead.

My eldest uncle family is really a huge crowd, he has 5 sons and 2 daughters, and 4 of them are married.  With this numbers of children, my house has almost filled with 10 kids and 10 adults.  Fuyoh, really really lots of noise and crowded..

Of course, my mum will be all excited too with her brother’s visiting, and she prepared another round of feast…

DSCN5904 Nyonya Assam Prawn

DSCN5893 Bak Cham Kai

DSCN5894 Fried Siew Yuk

DSCN5895 Acar

DSCN5896 Fish Roe

DSCN5897 Rendang Chicken

 DSCN5899 Spring Roll and Lobak

Does all this above explains to you why is my size this way? muahhahaa… I savour all these good food all these years.. but think coming year, will have to start practising my yoga again.. muahaha… :D


  1. So much food.

    wishing you prosperity and happiness
    all year round, Cynthia.


  2. u r indeed blessed with such a good mum.. good food, strong moral support..
    the nyonya prawns look so great!

  3. vow! You should prepare vegetables as well. :) Mushroom also not bad

  4. wow your mom really "poon si" to cookupsuch a great feast. kalah all the restaurant

  5. wah! your eldest uncle is GENG!

    all the food look nice yummy! you coook one?

  6. so sedap looking all the food.

    CNY is really makan time la.

  7. Your mum is a good cook. i guess you inherited her cooking skills too. :D


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