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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

C2 - Refreshingly 100% Natural Green Tea

Red, Blue and Yellow… don’t you think this are colours for the CNY?  I received 3 cartons of the C2- Cool and Clean last Monday from Judy (coz the delivery man didn’t do his job proper), and first thing I did was to snap the 3 cartons..

DSCN5841Even the cartons are just so into the CNY feel….

I personally like Green Tea very much, and trying this new drink gives me a new change… this drinks come in 3 flavours, i.e. Lemon, Apple and Forest Fruits.  It’s a nice refreshing drink for such a hot weather during the CNY, especially when the drinks are chilled nicely in the fridge.

DSCN5843 The drinks come in handy as it’s not too much to be consume for individual.  It come in a convenient 350ml reseal-able PET bottle that you can ‘sip & seal” and “drink on the go”.  We usually has got leftovers by our visitors, if we served them the can drinks, with this, they can carry it with them…

I got a model to ‘pose’ for me while he enjoys the drink..

DSCN5846My brother is also another Green Tea lover, and when he try this, he went ‘nice, nice’ coz to me, he is a fussy drinker and he don’t simply wack any drinks given to him.

For information, this C2 is 100% brewed from pure and natural green tea leaves, gently to retain the antioxidants normally lost in other extraction processes. These powerful antioxidants, called ‘Catechins’ help fight the effects of stress by reducing cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

You can also get this drink from

1. 7-11
2. Mydin
3. Giant
4. Jusco
5. Other shops near you.

And I am wishing everyone here… Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!

GONG XI FA CAI!!  恭喜发财!!!


  1. funny i just read another blog about this Green Tea stuff,guess will have to go and buy one to try it out,,,ya

    hey you have a great CNY,,,

  2. now everyone also blog about C2.

    Really damn nice?

    Never try this before.

  3. I havent try this drink yet, wonder it is available in my city or not

    Happy CNY to you too!! How was the preparation? Send my kisses and hugs to your princess.

  4. @ eugene n Voon - come to OUR house.. u'll be served with that and only that! :D

  5. If reach it a day early u guys might have finish 1 box..haha..agree with you, this green tea taste fo good and refreshing..

  6. I never try the drink before but I think I will like the lemon flavour one:-)

    Cynthia, I did not see the award that you gave me one?

  7. Cyn... I wan! Ahahaha... this should go well with ur... ahemm... cookies! LOL...


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