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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The kiasu mummy in action again… for the Moo Moo Kow Baby Cloth Diaper


I came across numerous times of this Baby CD giveaway contest, but never once I got it.. :( and this time, I am doing it again, when I saw it in this online shop… *happy happy* got chance again..

imageAnd I wanted this CD to try out comparing on those Princess is using, and also since this moo moo kow will match my little moo moo kow at home as Princess was born in the year of OX… and maybe this is her birthday month, and she gets lucky to own one of this.. :D

CD CD come to me… ong mali mali ONG!!


  1. hope u win too, cynthia, kah yau!!

  2. Ahahaha... ong mali mali ong! Hope you get the moo moo cow diapers for ur baby! =D Den Breanna can wear moo moo cow liao!


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