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Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing Child

I really wonders.. why are human beings just so irresponsible.  Is that the best way for this?  why do you have to snatch the child away from her mother, and let the mother and child suffer?  since you do not care for the child since birth, why after 18 months only you want to do this?

I am just doing a community awareness here… as I read from mombloggersplanet of this article, about a child being snatch away from her mother by the child biological DAD!!  and this child is still BREASTFEEDING!!

Read here for further information..

I pity this mother, since I am one…

I don’t know how is she going through, since I don’t know her myself, and all I can offer is this little article here and my little prayer.

I really hope this father will come to his senses and return the child to the mother. 


  1. Cant say that I am shocked coz these things have been happening all over the world even for Royal family too.

    You read this http://www.jacquelinepascarl.com.au/

    Also very cham

  2. you know why i always very sad when bad things happen to the children, for one very simple reason,

    children just do not know how to defend themselves, and they are at the expense of the adults.

    take care sister

  3. Again, Cynthia, things like this remind us to feel blessed and count our blessings.
    They are real monsters out there,seen them too often.
    Take care now Breanna.

  4. Actually just to share, ex nearly took my daughters too.
    Just like that case, I got to let him see the girls.
    It was just a feeling which no one believe me.
    I arranged to meet at ONE UTAMA and I took my court papers and restraining order to show to the security head at ONE UTAMA and they assisted me with security guards.
    After four hours, when I was rather tired, following them, the security guards increased from two to six guards!
    He was near the entrance , at the STARBUCKS with the girls when I finally told kids to stay with him or go with me. I mean , six hours is enough.
    The guards told me that I should always be alerted as they feel that he may try it again.
    He never did but he sure tried.
    I was just lucky that he could not grabbed them infront of the guards. He even have some friends with him.
    Sad right?
    take care of Breanna,Cynthia.

  5. I think it is really unfair to the mother.
    If the father at the first time never take care of his wife and children.
    It is not point to snatch the child after 18 months.
    Ask he go to hell!


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