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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My soon to be new schedule

My ‘honeymoon’ year is going to end soon… and I am preparing for this to come.. as I have earlier said to myself, I will out working when Princess turn 1 year old, and fair enough, YES, I am starting out working full time in March 2010!

Well, the pay is not something big (I think it’s only about 1/3 of what I used to earn) but the good things are..

1)  The office is near to my house… *very important* coz I can sneak balik to look at Princess during lunch..

2)  The office working hours start at 10am!! and I can still bath Princess before leaving for work… or maybe we can bath together?

With just the 2 good things above, it’s enough for me to cancel my initial plan to return to work with my previous employer even I have lots of interest in that job..

My schedule will truly change soon.. to be the followings:-

7.30am  -  I must die die out from my house coz I need to pick up my twins cousin from Subang and send them to school in Sri Kembangan

9.00am – I will reach home by this time, and bath Princess and myself.  Will try to let Princess latch on before heading to work..

9.40am – I can leave my house 20 minutes before work hour start.. no jam, no traffic, no rush..

10am to 2.30pm – Office hours

2.30pm – Go home and take a look at Princess, and let her latch on again.. and of course, have my lunch @ HOME (save $$)

2.45pm – Go to Sri Kembangan to pick the twins and send them back to Subang

4.00pm – Back to office… and will have to finish up whatever I need to do before I clock out at 6.00PM!!!

Now, for those of you who wanted to date me on weekdays, you have till 28th February 2010 to do so… DATE ME! DATE ME!

and I will visit your blogs, either in office or when I am back at home.. I will surely visit you.. but can’t guarantee I will leave comments… reason being, I might get brain freeze since I started working after a year break..

So, for my dear friends here… do come by my blog when you can.. and I will try to keep it up to date for you… :D

This I Promise YOU!!




  1. Cynthia.. I'm crying here.. crying until no more tears!!! Who's gonna drive to visit me weekdays anymore?? booo hoooo hooooo..

    hahaha.. but glad u'll be werking again.. all the best :D

  2. wah...what kind of work is that??? so seronok one! going to work at 10am...lunch from 2.30 till 4pm.. and going off at 6pm.. meaning.. 6 hours working more or less.. great!!
    yes, cynthia, good deal..
    don't bother about merryn.. let her stay home and play with her own crafts.. hahahahaa....

  3. you're so lucky that you have a job near you! I wish i can find a job nearer to my home too *haiz*

  4. All the best to you. Working = money coming in! But your working hour are so special. How I wish I could sleep longer everyday. I need to start work by 8am so, have to wake up at 6.15 and help YX to get ready for school. Yawn...everyday also yawn.

  5. wow ur job sounds really flexible! Good for u, happy that u found a job :)

    Breanna will miss mummy ya!

  6. A bit hectic but it sounds good. Especially the part were you get to see Breanna :D

    All the best to you :D

  7. Glad you got a new job, welcome back my FTWM keke. All the best to you ya. BTW 2.30pm back home, Breanna latch on, take your lunch all done in 15mins....enough time ke?

  8. Wahhh... *pengsan* you're going to shuffle here and there. That's going to take a lot of energy, Cyn. Please take good are of yourself. More or less, you sounded like me when my boy was 2, and I was still a journalist. Of course... I dun hv to drive anyone anywhere, just shuffle here and there.

    Anyway, best of luck, and i will pray that you get best of both world... breanna, and your career. You go, girl. We're proud of you!

    ps: Yeah, dun care bout Merryn... let her play wif her crafts. *evil grinZ*

  9. Great that u find a job that you want for the timing of all ur daily tasks nicely fit in...btw, what is the job u going for which got so many time gap in between..

    Hope u enjoy ur coming working days soon, here wish you happy chinese new year, gong xi fa cai and all the best.

  10. Cynthia, hope the new schedules works out for u and princess.. All the best to you! sO it means u won't be cooking so much and baking so much lo?
    I hope u still be active bloggin thou... will be missign ur blog....

  11. Wow....BUSY schedule indeed !!! Remember to stay calm and don't rush to meet all the timing ya! But good planning!!!

    So who will take care of Breanna when you are at work?

  12. Looks very flexi yet so packed! Pengsan man, if i were you... rushing here and there in between work. Anyway, happy working to you and hope everything will jalan smoothly for you :-)

  13. It is quite a busy scheduler.
    Who look after your princess?
    Wish you happy working ook.

  14. It is good that you have lay out the plan well and hope you enjoy your new job.


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