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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reunion Lunch

I have only just started to blog about my CNY celebration.. I have been very busy as usual… and I started working on a time schedule of 11.30am to 4pm (sometimes cabut at 3pm) since Monday.. muahhaa…

Now, let’s move back to the past, and here presenting to you my family reunion lunch.  This year was the first ever year we had reunion lunch.. The tradition change from eating at home, to having to eat at the restaurant 5 years ago since the departure of my beloved daddy, and this year, we ‘teochew music’ “ki ki ku ki ki” hence we did a lunch reunion with my eldest uncle’s family.. mind you, we used to have a 3 table reunion dinners over the years.. :p

Nevertheless, the food served were still sumptuous.. contributed by everyone in the family during the lunch..

DSCN5885 Steam Fish.. teochew style

DSCN5852 siew yuk with suan cai (leek)

DSCN5853 Acar (my mum’s la sao dish)

DSCN5855 Best ever Char Siew (from my SIL)

DSCN5856 Little nga ku with siew yuk and sai kan

DSCN5866 Spring Roll (from my eldest aunt)

DSCN5867 Lobak (another mum’s la sao dish)

DSCN5868 Roast Duck ($$ contributed by my cousin)

DSCN5869 Bak Cham Kai

DSCN5870 Broccoli with Pearl Abalone

DSCN5873 Pig Stomach and Intestines Soup

DSCN5874 Rendang Chicken (by eldest aunt)

I must credit the chopping of the chicken and duck to my eldest cousin, whom he did up both the chicken and duck..

DSCN5864 DSCN5862


  1. wwwoooo... all these food, how many persons walloping? seeing this now before 8am ..sigh.. must go for my sinful food instead of quaker oats!

  2. Wahh!!! Sedapnya!!! So much food can finish or not? I am always here to standby :P

  3. Wah, very homely feeling. BTW your cousin looks like a professional butcher hor!

  4. noticed the starbux apron as well ... *wink*

  5. wah... a lot food and look nice taste as well. yummy.


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