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Friday, February 19, 2010


The 6th day of CNY, and I am back to KL after a run around for 5 days… and of course, I have got lots and lots of fun over the CNY!! 

I be posting some posts related to food, the preparation, the outcome and so forth… and of course, in my Princess blog, she will have the birthday posts coming up once I am able to sit down and keep posting.

Even back in KL, I am still busy with the home visiting, and also relatives and friends visiting our house.  Busy with all the cooking and entertaining… :D

So, till then, I shall be back soon…

Stay Tune.. how is your CNY then?


  1. welcome back to KL and to blogging! i started work already on wed, then on leave yesterday and today back to work! hahaa..zig zag...

  2. So many activities for your CNY, that's great! Gong Xi FAt CAi!!!

  3. get to meet up with Eugene or not? or dat dude still in johor? anyway, welcome back :)

  4. Sorry sister, i was rotting in Johor for a week , didn't manage to blog or visit blogs,, but now i am back, Merryn said you would call me but i guess tak boleh, may be you came to Penang when i was not here,,,next time ok?

  5. I just dreamed about Breanna. It's so strange... she become so big!!!


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