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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teluk Intan trip

Every year before the Chinese New Year, my mum will jio us to go Teluk Intan.  Previous years, it will be a trip to get the golden cake (nien gao) which my aunt home made.  Every year, the minute I stepped into her house, I will have one of those in my hand, and scooping it with a spoon.  It’s so soft, that I can just eat that way.. and of course, the house will be filled with lots of aroma.

This year, my aunt did not do this anymore, but we still go back as she will be celebration CNY with her children in Singapore, therefore my mum would want to meet her before she leaves (that’s how close ties are my mum and her sisters).

One thing for sure when we balik kampung, we will go with empty car and come back with full loads.. Let me share with you what we bought this trip…

  DSCN5816 (2) The Famous Chee Cheong Fun

DSCN5815 (2) Tapioca Root

DSCN5814 (2)

Dried Beancurd Skin (For wrapping Lobak in CNY)

 DSCN5813 (2) DSCN5812 (2)

Variety of Heong Peah, and others

DSCN5811 (2)

Kopitiam Coffee Powder

DSCN5810 (2) DSCN5809 (2)

Pineapples (this whole lot is only RM10)

DSCN5808 (2) Mint Leaves (good for cough / dry throat if cook with rock sugar)

DSCN5807 (2)


DSCN5806 (2) Banana (RM19 for all of these)

This were all consider ‘little’ as we used to have more ‘sapu-ing’.  This time round we just didn’t spend lot of time there as we only have a night there.  We left KL at 4pm on 31st Jan, and leave Teluk Intan about the same time the next day.

On top all this stuff my mum sapu, we had dinner there and I tell you, eating in TI is such a enjoyment, coz the food is fresh, and CHEAP!!

DSCN5803 Steam fish tail

DSCN5805 Claypot Taufu

DSCN5804 Choy Sum

We had 4 of us eating that night, and the bill come to RM45.00 and everyone went back home with a big smile on the face!


  1. teluk intan my hometown.. ◕‿-。

  2. Wanna noe hw to use beancurd skin to wrap lobak,then fried them?
    Big shopping @ TI

  3. You guys are serious shoppers,huh?
    Great buys.

  4. wah..really sapu-ed a lot of goodies hor.. can go to yr house during cny? oh..oppps.. cannot.. i cannot go ppl's house this year..

  5. so u spending cny in KL???

    next in TI..get me the CCF...

  6. The chee cheong fan really ONE OF ITS KIND !!! And out of this world! hahahaha....

    TI goodies sure look really GOOD !

  7. These small towns really have all kinds of goodies! The chee cheong fun looks really good although I have no idea what those brown-brown stuff is haha :-)

  8. Can I report to traffic police?
    To report that your car is overweight with all foods!
    Good to hear that relationship between relatives long lasting.
    WOOOO…. Chinese New Year loooooo… so happy!

  9. The only thing I love about TI is the CCF. Others? I dunno... every time oso go there to rot nia leh!

  10. Woww, you really sapu a lot of things from Teluk Intan wor:-)

    I like the Zhu Cheong Fen too.

  11. Got a SUNSHINE AWARD with your name on it!
    Kindly accept it.




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