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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today.. mark a year since the arrival of my little Princess

Today.. mark a year since I experience my labour pain in hospital

Today.. mark a year I entered into motherhood

Today.. it’s the 4th day of Chinese New Year

Today.. is the birthday of my little Princess!!

I have been a mother for a year, and thus far, the following changes you can see in me..

1)  I am no longer ‘single’ travelling alone.. I always have my baby with me (except for work)

2)  I am not following the latest songs which I used to.. now only singing Nursery Rhymes

3)  I don’t stay out late any more… as when my baby make noise, I will leave

4)  I don’t go out frequent.. I prefer to stay home with my girl

5)  I have not step foot into any cinema, karaoke, or clubs

6)  I have been working from home since

7)  I am going to start a new schedule soon

8)  I talk more of motherhood than anything else

9)  My priority is my baby.. no one else come first than her

10)  To date me, you got to date my baby too!

I have no regrets at anytime that I make the decision to give birth to this little Princess of mine.  Never a single seconds that I lash out that I am regret (no matter how hard or how bad her tantrums be)

I thank GOD for giving me this child (I had a miracle survivor story for this baby) and she is a healthy always baby..




  1. Happy Birthday Princess Breanna :D

  2. wah... princess breanna is one today? any red red eggs?
    Here's wishing cute princess Brenna a very Happy Birthday and may her life continues to be filled with love and happiness!

  3. Happy birthday to your princess and happy mother day to you as well.

    it is not a easy path for you but you are so brave to get through it! You are GENG! GENG! GENG!

    wish you all the best!

  4. Happy Birthday to Breanna and CHEERS to you too! You have accomplished so much and gone so far in one year. Feel really proud of you.

  5. Happy Birthday Breanna!!

    You are so right about motherhood... It's been sooooooo long since I last stepped into a cinema :(

    You are doing great Mummy!! Keep up the good work.

  6. Happy birthday to Princess, I am looking forward to meeting with her one day.

  7. I feel so touched reading this, and I can really feel the love you have for Breanna. You are indeed a very good mama :-) Happy 1st Birthday to cutie pie Breanna!

  8. aww missed princess' birthday!!

    happy belated birthday, princess! hope it was a grrreat one.

    and happy birth-day too to princess' mummy. its a day to celebrate motherhood indeed!

    and remember, princess, u're really blessed to have a great and devoted mum.


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