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Friday, March 5, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

I have not really come to know about this Project Alpha from Nuffnang till I started working in my current company. I have been hearing so much about this Project Alpha, and I always thought it is a ‘project’ until someone told me, ‘go read Nuffnang website and the Project Alpha site la’

Ok, I better be good to go into some readings before it’s too late if I want to continue working in this company or else very malu not knowing what people are talking about.

And… I found out that Project Alpha is not a project, it’s a online is Malaysia’s first TV show about real-life bloggers. You know or not?

BTW, it’s now already into the 2nd season which will commence on the 19th April 2010. For last year, it was started on the 18 September 2009!

image and the bloggers featured last year were…

imageI myself is reviewing the Season 1, so that I won’t be another dumb dumb for the Season 2 which will be coming soon, and for all of you that wanted to catch it, you can still watch it on HERE. I am enjoying every bits of it.

What the best so far that I have watched? of course not leaving out the advice and tips by these high traffic bloggers, and this are good tips for an amateur like me in the blog sphere.

Come my dear friends, come let’s watch this show together, and we can then ‘promote’ our blogs like them as well… I can’t wait further…

image Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. I heard of this too but have no idea what it is. Thanks for explaining

  2. I remember this well,
    it was when I came back to blogging

    So, it has been a year since I came back to blogging.

    thanks for sharing, Cynthia.

    have a great weekend.


  3. Have been watching a few of the featured bloggers from Season 1 when they just on last yr.

    About this write up promote Season 2 I'm not doing it...actually what will u get ah?

  4. Wah... which company are you working for? Is your company involved in this project? Just curious :-).


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