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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First few days of full time working

It’s the 3rd day of work, and I have a good start actually.  The first day, I arrived office at about 10am, unfortunately I don’t have the keys and the door still lock.  So I just jalan jalan and hang around till about 11am for my other colleague to arrive.. and Proudly walked into the office and start work.. and back home at 1pm for lunch plus feeding Princess… end work at 5pm..

2nd day, upon arrival to office at 10.30am, boss asked to go jalan jalan with him… muahaha… we went to a client’s office to collect some stuff, then to IKEA to look out for some props to be used for a client and have lunch and my office keys duplicated.. of course, not forgetting to buy 3 packets of the IKEA’s curry puffs… end work at 4pm..

3rd day, arrived office at 10am, then went to another client for cheque collection, and was out of office from 12pm to 3.30pm (in between, there was another incident which I will blog separately).  I went Jusco to buy some stuff to be given to the client, and also bak kwa from Thin Heong in Maluri before heading to Kepong.. end work at 4pm..

Tomorrow, I have declared that it will be a ‘kurung’ day which I won’t be going out and wanted to clear up some stuff in the office before the weekend come again.. muahaha..

So, anyone out there reading this envy my new full time job with this kind of timing?

But on the other hand, my little Princess is showing some ‘unfriendly’ remark, when she refuse to let me carry her beside feeding her.. I think she have the thinking that I left her too long at home..


  1. such a good job......

    dont worry about Princess. She will cope well

  2. So happy for you sister,you got a ncie job lah,, jalan jalan kerja kerja or kerja kerja jalan jalan

  3. Happy Working Cynthia!! Welcome back to the working world.. 

  4. Oh....good to start work again.Jz wondering how come ur work time is so late 1?

  5. your job are so nice!

    Happy working!

  6. who takes care of princess while you work ?

  7. princess merajuk la tu. Last time we left j with MIL whilewe go out makan, when we come back J em choy me. Merajuk.

    Dont worry too much. Princess will adjust soon.

  8. Dia merajuk tu.. must go grab her cheeks n kiss kiss her more.. muaks... :D

  9. Good for you, Cynthia
    and poor Breanna!


  10. Your job sounds pretty good for a mum..the timing and all...still got any vacant? I want tooo....

  11. wei, yr job like dream come true le. oredi jeles oh! good job good job! :)

  12. your job is very good for mum like us, working hour late and finish work early, where to find?????

    happy for u get a new job. Enjoy working ya

  13. i'd work too if i can get a job with those hours! so nice!

    good luck with the new job! ;D


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