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Friday, March 26, 2010

Meeting with the VVVVVIP

I have been putting this for at least 2 days in my FB, before I meet this VVVVIP.. and I was even getting more excited on the day it come..

Someone ask me if I am meeting the PM or MCA people thats make me so nervous, kan cheong and anxious.. but I reply saying NO.. this person I am meeting, to me is way more important meeting those ‘drama’ politicians.. what so big deal meeting one of them, I have ever take the same flight, eat with them, and they are just the same with 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth..

So, on the day comes… one of the member in the ‘gang’ did not turn up due to some unforseen circumstances, and the some of them meet this VVVVVIP in the afternoon for lunch.. So, this make me the special one that I can have a personal meeting with this VVVVVIP!

I cabut from work sharp at 4pm, and went home picking up Princess, and off we went to the agreed place.. While on my way there, I SMS this VVVVVIP that I am already on the way, and pray hard that the traffic allows me to reach the destination smooth and fast.. and YES, the traffic was perfect on that day, it took me only about 20 mins to arrive..

When I was about to reach the destination, I asked this VVVVVIP where the exact meeting point, and it was at Baskin Robin, and I just mentioned that anyone with Pink, will be entitled to a double scoop with the price of single scoop.  So, this VVVVIP says, someone was wearing pink that day and they got the offer.

I arrived, went to the wrong Baskin Robin.. but eventually, I met this VVVVVIP.. and you may now know who is the person..

DSCN6177YES, I met with Claire, and her 2 other precious, Aaron & Fernie!!  Fernie fall in love with Princess immediately, and she stole a kiss from Princess.. check out Claire’s blog for further pictures..

OK, I know I am kinda late, and Claire has been back to Ipoh for 2 weeks.. but I got work excuse.. hahaha.. more over, this is to also make the one absent ‘jealous’ about me.. muahaha..

We have a good chat that evening, and Claire even bought me ice cream.. on such a hot day, it’s a good treat!!  :D

On top of that, Claire also brought me the heoh peah from Ipoh (all into my family tummy before I took the photo) and I tell you, it’s a very nice and famous heoh peah from Ipoh!!

Thanks Claire for spending some time with me and Princess.. and the next time we in Ipoh, will sure call you again ha… 


  1. VVVVVVVIP even traffic is smooth for you. Normal day would be horrible. :)

  2. WAHHHH!!! for once in my whole life, i got this title... hahhahaahahha.. tonight i cannot sleep la...
    wonderful to meet the queen and her princess too.. an honour.. so much to talk but so little time cos got dinner appointment.. next time we better continue.. ok?

  3. lol.. it's so fun to see how 'quick' u post up ur entry cynthia.. :P

    me jeles lah nih.. missed out on this one :D

  4. Call me too when you come Ipoh!

  5. ok ok sister i am jelos already, you give claire so many vvvvvv, next time we meet you must give 10 x than you give claire ok,otherwise no friend o

  6. cynthia, call the media too when eugene comes to town.. cos it will be very rare to see him out from penang to KL! hahaha...

  7. I go sobsob wif Merryn. *SULK*

  8. Hehehehehe!!! Let it be known that...I MET HER FIRST in Ipoh and she took me to lunch! Yum! Yum!!! Hehehehehehe!!!

  9. aiya... it is not uptodate post la.. hehehee

    i guess few weeks ago right.


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