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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moon Palace, The Mines

Last Sunday, my uncle came to ask us to go for brunch.  He told us that there is a very nice restaurant in the Mines Shopping Centre, and so we went there about 11-dish.

Located on the 5th floor in The Mines, the restaurant is quite cosy have substantial numbers of waiter / waitress to serve the customers.  Upon arrival, we were given the list of ‘dim sum’ available, and we picked the followings:-

DSCN6130 DSCN6129  DSCN6124 DSCN6123 DSCN6122 DSCN6121 DSCN6120 DSCN6119 DSCN6118 DSCN6117 DSCN6116 DSCN6115 The various dim sums that we ordered that day.. and I can only conclude that this is a very nice restaurant.  We end up paying about RM70+ coz we ordered extra portions of egg tarts!  That’s a must to order…


  1. RM70 is not that expensive ah.I like the look of the pau.

  2. The dim sum looks very good and delicious...especially thr loh mai kai...RM70 ok la, for its quality and place.

  3. Ha, who is hiding behind the menu? Why didnt show the face? shy ah?
    I love dim sum. It is my all time fav whenever we are undecide what to eat.

  4. oh... i love loh mai kai and i love egg tarts too. always gorge on egg tarts if they're good. mmmm... yummmy!

  5. ooooooooh since i read this here, feedback from you also not bad. hmmm... i can go try soon! near me mah :)


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