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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mummy’s Mummy’s Birthday

This year my mum’s birthday we celebrated it with something different.  We had Thai food this time, and I finally remembered to bring my camera out.

I read about smallkucing’s experience in this Thai Restaurant, I left a comment that I will let her know what Thai food is if I got a chance.. muahaha.. so, smallkucing, please stay tune..

The followings were what we ordered..

DSCN6156 Tom Yam Soup

DSCN6160 Pork Neck BBQ

DSCN6159 Thai Steam Fish

DSCN6158 Paku-Pakis Belacan

DSCN6157 Combo Set (fish cake, pandan chicken, prawn cake and mango salad)

I missed out the Fried Squid, and this whole meal for 4 of us cost RM130.00 which to me it’s really really worth it coz we can even ta pao some of the food back coz it’s big serving.

Back home, we had a simple cake cutting ceremony for mummy with my home-bake butter cake which my mum’s favourite.  Simple cake without any icing, as I bake this only in the afternoon.

DSCN6153 DSCN6168 The cake was supposed to be a marble cake, but my marble effect did not turn out well.. the cake is awesome, coz it’s gone on the 2nd day morning.. muahaha.. I added some chocolate chips and almond to it.

No photo of mummy’s mummy, as it strictly told not to do so… mummy’s mummy is shy la.. :p


  1. Syoknya .....the Cheras one is it? Gimme the address ya.

  2. happy birthday to mummy cynthia's mummy!!! shy mum? cool.. hahaa..

  3. cool! Happy birthday to your mummy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mummy! Food looks good especially the paku dish...and the prok! Yums! I go KL, u belanja me there, can? Wink! Wink!

  5. Wah, happy birthday mummy. My birthday also coming soon, another 2 months time. Mmm.... wonder my children will remember to celebrate for me.

  6. Definitely Nice food & nice cake.
    Happy belated b'day 2 ur mum !!

  7. cynthia, more pics of u and breanna in my latest post! :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to aunty. Wah...she is so lucky to have a freshly home baked cake.

  9. i love thai food wei! yummy oh!
    aunty shy ah? hehe... so cute :)


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