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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My first full time pay cheque (after a year)

Wow, I can still remember the day when I got my first full time pay 15 years ago right after my SPM.  The day came and I was happily taking the RM600 pay cheque and cash it for my spending.

Today, the feeling of what happen 15 years ago appear again.  I was issued a pay cheque today (and YES, my boss pays me even less than a month working).  This was the first pay cheque after a year staying at home not earning a full time job!

Beside the pay, I finally continue to contribute towards my KWSP after a year of non contribution.  And today, as I wanted to record my KWSP account number, I called the respective office and was being asked where was my previous employment, and they actually noted that I don’t have one since a year ago!

I just deposited the cheque and it will be cleared on Wednesday.. and by weekend, I be in Teluk Intan for holiday! muahaha… Anyone game for Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun? or a little treat in KL? *Eugene, Claire and STP.. I am hinting*


  1. oh i have been to teluk intan once only.. never tasted chee cheong fun there before .. just went for a round and came back.. now if u ask me to go, i dont know the way liow.. u have a nice trip!

  2. I no like teluk intan lah,,, and i no like chee cheong fun too,, so how lah?

    we come penang lah, i take you eat eat Laksa, ABC, and many many more,,,

    by the way congrat on your new pay cheque, first thing to do, save for the raining day ok,

  3. No need lah! My airfare, taxi fare...can go eat fill Chinese 10-course dinner here liao! Chee cheong fan, no thanks! LOL!!!!

  4. Congrats! The feeling is sure nice! Keep them well and when the saving account increase, you will be even happier! haha

  5. wow, I'm happy for you... I miss that feeling too after 2years+ being a SAHM.

  6. Feel happy for u......I have the same feeling when I rec'd my first pay after graduating from UNI.
    Oh gosh...I hav not been working for more than 4 yrs...I miss the PAY DAY so much. Really hope can go back to work again SOON.

  7. Eh... woman, i want... I want the CCF...buy some for me... =.= I WANTTTTT! I wanna eat, but I dowan go back TI. I'm not going back for Cheng Meng, help me buy, can bo? 2 pack enuff d. I go and pick up from u. And, and... that mee rebus, can buy oso anot? *pengsan*

  8. Great job Cynthia!! Nice to have some additional income eh?

  9. Congrat on your first pay after a year staying at home! Enjoy your trip to Teluk Intan!

  10. good for u! great to hv yr own hard-earned money.


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