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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The “no go school” driver

After a few days started working, I am the only admin person in the company, therefore all the sup sup sui sui stuff in the office belongs to me.. and basically I am the yat keok tack!

So, remember I was blogging on my working days?  Yes, I am fully enjoying it coz I have the flexibility and able to earn a living at the same time.

One afternoon, I was out to collect a cheque from a customer, and after that went straight to the bank to catch the deposit time before the bank collect the cheques.  I parked my car at the designated parking space, and went to the bank doing the necessary.

And when I am out from the bank, I noticed I was ‘kiap’ with 2 cars which have double parked!!  One car owner was kind that he tried to reverse the car, however he himself was blocked by another no go school driver.

So, I told this uncle nevermind, he can go ahead to do his banking matters, and I will honked this driver out.. and I waited in the car for more than 15 minutes after honking and honking…

And this Malay guy came out from the bank, open his car door, step on his accelerator, reverse his car and waiting to get into my space!! He didn’t even apologise or wave to me!!!  And after I got out from the parking, he parked and run back to the bank!!

I understand that the place is packed with banks, and the parking spaces are not sufficient to cater for all the cars, but please la, if you are going to be long in the bank don’t double park.  In this area, most people are doing banking matter, and it take less than 5 minutes to have another car out from the parking area.

You don’t have to block other people convenience.  It was a day that my little Princess is not with me!! 

So uneducated driver, and being inconsiderate!!  and now let me present you the che kai plate number…

DSC01050 There is always the law of double parking.. YOU HAVE ANOTHER DRIVER IN THE CAR!!! 


  1. HAHAHAHAHAAHHA thank God is NOT me. sometimes we have no choice but need to double park..just for the 5 mins. and always very qewl..when u r gone for the 5 mins, surely the person whom u hv park want to go out one..very shooi..

  2. Rachel.. 5 minutes still can accept, but this fler came out and went back to the bank, means he still have his work to do la.. don't la park like that if going to take long!!

  3. Was it lunch time? if lunch time it could be the man is a Bank's staff who got back from lunch and since no parking, he simply double parked.

    Next time you go to that Bank again, you look and see if the man is working there. Then you can scold him kau kau


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