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Monday, March 22, 2010

<NN> Proclaim my LOVE to the world


I want to proclaimed my LOVE to the WORLD.. So, why I love the world..

I have Princess.. and my family!!

I have my friends and buddies!!

  I have my baking utensils!!

I have a job!!

I have a place to stay and sleep!!

I have food to eat!!

I have clothes to wear (inside out)!!

I have a car to move around!!

I have a laptop to write this blog post!!

I have some ‘bad people’ that discourage me and make me stronger!!

I have YOU, who come by my blog to ready what I rant!!

Another thing I love is the Sloggi!!  I have been using this since many many years ago.  It gives me the gentle touch on my body, without having needs to do lots of adjustment!  My first sloggi was bought when I was the age of 15 and it’s the made of this  fabric known as core spun cotton Lycra®.

Lycra® means fine combed cotton is wrapped around every single Lycra® thread.  and it’s has many wearer benefits:

* Superb two way stretch for a fantastic fit

* The comfort and kindness of cotton next to the skin

* Easy to care for - the Lycra® is protected by the cotton so maintains the shape of the briefs even after constant washing, ensuring a long Sloggi life!

Throughout the years, Sloogi has many many other types of products, and do you know in 1986, Sloggi even has the men’s range? 

Now, Sloggi even has the Love World Love Sloggi range, which earlier I had thought of the ‘recycle’ undergarments, but NO NO! this range is made using the 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) and 10% Elastane.

I can now save the world even with undergarments!!!  HURRAY!!



  1. More for ladies ?
    Less for men?
    We too know about sloggi,
    a little more as we can.

    Made from recylable materials,
    sloggi proudly proclaims,
    we should support these products,
    to protect the earth,we must do the best we can.

    Have a great week ahead, sister ya,,,, say hi to the lil one for me, will ya

  2. Good luck on the contest. I also wanna join but have not think of what to write. haha...

  3. wah..u so fast wrote already.. can do one for me or not??? hahahaha..

  4. got contest ah? hahah i so ketinggalan. Anyway good luck


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