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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Since I started work…

I have not been able to update my blog so frequent like previous, and I have not touch my laptop for at least 3 to 4 days, letting it sitting idle on the dining table.

BUT.. I managed to blog hop (might not have time to leave comment) at least.. so, my dear friends, I am still with you, please forgive me if I didn’t leave any comment as time may not permit).  Nevertheless, I still visit your blog(s)…

I have spend less time with Princess, and now on weekends, I am hoping for some dates with friends, and I will take this excuse to go out jalan jalan.. I need some ‘motivation’ to bring Princess out.. hehe…

I enjoy my work so far, and have been able to clean up most of the back log and try very much to clear as much as possible.  As the only admin person in the office, I need to take care of all the tiny little bits in the office too.

I read my emails, FB updates and blogs while working as well, and all thanks that my boss allows me to do as long as I got my work done and he don’t mind it (coz he is also playing that too) muahaha..

I have a few posts that I wanted to post, and will do that once the weekend is here…Stay tune ya.. :D


  1. Next week kita pi tengok hot air balloon in putrajaya.. :D

  2. It's so good to have easy going boss.Some very jealous punya. Even completed work, they expect you to do other things like marketing etc rather than you update blogs.

  3. good to hear that your have a tolerate boss. gabateh@!

  4. OMG, God bless your boss! LOL...bring me go papparich? LOL...Neway, have fun with Baby Breanna on weekends, chill and take care, all right?

  5. Nice boss ya, is his company doing well? Why so free one? Hehe I am so busy body.

  6. Glad you are liking your job! Will visit you often anyway....so keep the posts coming!

  7. Hi Cynthia... thanks for dropping by my blog again after a long absence. And thanks for leaving a comforting comment on it.

    Happy Working :)

  8. So happy to know that you enjoy your work.

    Your boss is really nice le, he let you online during off hour.


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