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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ching Ming Dinner

Last weekend, we were back to Teluk Intan for the annual Ching Ming.  These were the ancestors from my mum’s side, and according to my mum, we have a few generations all buried on the same ground.

Each year, we have a huge crowd turn out on this day basically were my uncles & aunties, cousins and their partner, nieces and nephews.  We had to book a restaurant that is able to provide us a room for 3 tables!  Just the kids has occupy 1 table!

Let’s present the night dishes!

DSCN6217 Lemon Chicken

DSCN6209 Belacan ‘sweet potato leaves’

DSCN6210 Braised Pork Trotter

DSCN6211 Steam Fish

DSCN6213 Seaweed Fish Ball Soup

DSCN6214 Prawns

DSCN6215 Claypot Taufu

The food was served in big portions, and guess the price?



We had the same dishes for 2 tables and the children has a different 8 dishes and total bill come less than RM600!  Averagely a table of RM200 each!

See, this is another reason why I die die follow my mum back to Teluk Intan even I know this year I won’t be visiting my grandparents’ tomb.. muahaha..


  1. That is really cheap you cant get it any where in KL or PJ.

  2. wa...kangkung belacan have prawns one meh

  3. Which rstaurant, you tell me. Next time I go back, i go makan there! LOL...

  4. Hi Cynthia, Gosh, I totally have forgotten 'ching ming'....and have not visited my mom's grave 15 years too, back in Malacca.
    Love your dishes here, looks absolutely delicious.
    You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

  5. hey cynthia!
    your food pictures are making me hungry again! but i must resist because I have dinner in about 3 hours!! yeap. here to wish you and your family a happy easter!

    I'm going to be adding you on my blogroll if you dont mind. do add me on your blogroll when you have the time too =) Take cares and happy easter

    jen from www.charmoflife.ca


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