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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Cloth Pad Review

This is not an advertisement or paid post. I am sharing this based on my first experience using it.  On top of this, this post may have too many information on women’s stuff, so if guys, you can’t stand all the details, please stay away ya.. :D

As you all know by now, I bought a few cloth pads using my first ever full time pay (after a year) and it just the time that my monthly visit decided to come 2 days ago. (and I am glad it did coz I won’t know how good is the Cloth Pad, and place more orders before the sales end)

I was very sceptical initially when I got to know this from Mama Patch but I braved myself to try it!  I got my SIL who started using it as pantyliner, but yet to start as sanitary pad.  I took this chance to use it then.

When I first wore it, I can’t feel anything at all!!  Comparing to disposables pads, it gives me a hard feeling touching my skin but not the Cloth pad.  I was wearing it on the first day, and first night.  I wanted to try, and got ready my night pad to change when I wanted to go to bed, however I didn’t manage to do so coz Princess did not want to let me go!

I wore it overnight, and to my surprise, the cloth pad can stand the whole night without a single leak! and it does not stain either!  When I woke up in the morning and head to the loo, another surprise as I don’t have any blood clot that usually stay on top of the disposables pads!

As the pad absorption is simply terrific, on the surface of the pad, I don’t see any blood stain on top, therefore I don’t see the red red surface like we used to see using disposables.  Only when I do the washing that I realise how much blood I lost! :p

Next, is the smell of disposables went we collected the discharge but this, no smells at all even during the washing!  All I need just run under water (of course at this time, you see the water in bloody red but I can still accept it) till clean (the only thing that I feel bit wasted to run the tap water that way). 

I just further wash the pad till clean, and don’t need to put in the washing machine to wash.  Simply hang dry and viola, I get to recycle the pad again the next day!

I strongly suggest that ladies, please try out this cloth pads if you have a chance.  You will love it.  The only obstacle that you need to pass, is the washing part when the blood water running.  Other than that, you just love it!

I hope I can switch on to cloth pad soon once all my disposables gone! 


  1. your menses came back already? some full time breast feeding moms dont even get back until 3-4 yrs...so good le... for me, 3rd month already back :(

    I agree with you that the CP is good. I've been using it for a few months. But i m facing some difficulty. But u didnt mention it means u didnt face it lor. for me, the CP moves while i walk...so i kena manually adjust it back to the original position all the time.. even those long ones.

  2. Rachel.. mine ok wor, no problem when walking.. I even wore to move things also Ok.. my menses came liao after 6 months.. no luxury to have it till 3 to 4 years la.. :p

  3. It sounds too good to be true leh .... tempted to try too until the washing part coz ..... I really don't know whether I can hand wash them myself coz I am really terrified with those red looking blood ..... still considering but really thanks for sharing! It's nice to know that there is one such perfect product and the absorbency really surprises me!

  4. It sounds pretty good this CP. I must get some & try it out.TQ 4 sharing!!

  5. Cynthia, instead of press..press..press under running water, how about doing that in a little pail? hehe....

  6. Hi Cynthia, this subject is not familiar to me, ha ha...
    Re my trip to Tahiti, please check out the CEO, Director's name, add a 'K' to his first name, *wink*.
    Aloha oe, Lee.

  7. I have yet to try cloth pad. Dono that Mama Claire wan give me try bo! LOL....takperla... she dun send oso nvm. I got excuse bully my husband buy pad for me every mth. Evil me, no? LOL..

  8. Cynthia, I hav e to agree with you. It is comfortable, no blood clot and no smell. I find the blood flow is healthy too...

  9. Just received mine today.... first time touching a CP, and yet to try in the coming month....


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