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Thursday, April 29, 2010


This hot mummy organised a contest in conjunction for Mother’s Day and being a mother, I sure love to participate, moreover the winner will get vouchers or gift.. *kiasu*

I never know what motherhood to me if I am not a mother, and for that, I appreciate my mum more.. and for me MOTHERHOOD  means..

an iMportant role that includes

lots of lOvely moment between mother and child

some sTrange feeling

fill with Happy moment

an Exciting experience

in between some neRvous issues

caring for a Healthy child

keeping a jOlly memory

some wOrrying matters

Deeply in love with the child

And being a single mother, the above maybe doubled up.. so, GOD, please let me WIN.. muahaha…

and, what’s yours? 


  1. Good one!! Thank you for the support!! Good Luck!!!

  2. Oh!!! There's a contest going on. No wonder everybody's posting on Mother's Day...so early!!!

  3. wahahahahaahah.. i love the ending.. GOD please let HER win! :D

    go cynthia :)

  4. Great! Very honest, Cynthia.. syabas! :)

  5. wow, another mummy comes up with a good write up, so many gou sao! keke

  6. wow!so simple yet touching!you deserve to win!hehe.gonna link you up soon ya!;)

  7. Waaaaaa... good luck. I dun tink I'm quite a mummy's material, so opting out of it. =.=

  8. nice one, nice one... all the best :-).


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