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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

While I am being a girl (yet a woman), I traveled alot.. I have been to a few countries, and some even locally. I have been to the beaches, jungles, dams and others.. As I love traveling, I don't mind the distance, the hassle and the price. I will drive, flight or even hitch-hike (as though it's safe nowadays) just to arrive at my destination.

Since becoming a mum to my beloved Princess, traveling means tagging my baby along, and I have not been going anywhere beside some 'relative' visitation and around town. I am eagerly and anxiously waiting for my Princess to grow, and we can go holiday again... Princess, mummy promise you, once you can go on board and no hassle or fuss, I bring you to 1 international and 1 local tour each year (which inclusive of my mum too)!

Now, someone came asking me where would I want to spend the first holiday with Princess, and I would say 'anywhere' which meant to be a holiday. Thus far, I have check outs some nice destination and I think I will go for a local tour for a start.

But where would be my dream destination then?

I will say Mauritius!

I want to go Mauritius with Princess one day, when we both can still enjoy the sunny shine and blue water! We will want to explore the lonely planet, and have some good bonding!

I don't have to do Club Med (but of course if I can afford then will be BEST) but at least some time spend on that little place. We can sit by the beach, have sun bath, and so forth... by just looking at the photos courtesy by Google.. Anyone want to join me and baby?

Now.. All I can say is that I got to start save save save.. and hopefully MAS Traveller.com can bring us there.....

Meantime, let me share with you some Project Alpha featured bloggers go jalan-jalan and visiting in their episode 4.. Stay tune for more episodes which I will share with you!

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  1. seriously, I would love to travel around too. Just anywhere!

  2. You just inspired me to start saving saving and saving for holiday ,,,,thank you

    but then again, money is too tight to mention lah sis,,,,

    take care now and have a great weekend,,,, god bless

    hey how come now i dont hear you talking about getting money form that guy already one? no offend just kepoh

  3. Bro.. coz nowadays the 'money return' is on smooth sailing.. on top of that, it's not end of the month yet.. wait till 30th April.. and you WILL KNOW! haha

  4. You watch the videos? Kuching also very nice...no need to go so far until Mauritius.

    And I can tell you, KK is also very beautiful...the sea, the diving...the mountain(s)...beautiful place.

    Sibu also nice - got nice people like me plus nice food, cheap too!

  5. Thanks for dropping by. Read your blog and it really gave me strength. Thanks for being so strong for Princess.

  6. How I wish my kids grow up and able to take care of themselves, then I would like to have our "honeymoon" gain around the world... happy weekend to you!

  7. Hi Cynthia, yes, take your kid to those beautiful places, the beautiful beaches, cool waters will do wonders.
    Bring your suntan lotion and have fun, Lee.


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