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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Sports, is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skilful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play in accordance to Wikipedia.com 

So, what’s your favourite sport?

For me, it’s nothing more than the soccer, followed by badminton and bowling.  The recent heat of Soccer due to FIFA World Cup 2010, I have been keeping a tab on the soccer news, and waiting patiently for June 2010 to arrive.  I always like to watch soccer, and in 2006, we had a great time spending with my friends.  We even have got a treat from a friend, as his favourite team won the game.

Maybe due to my family nature, that we have more masculine than feminine, I was exposed to more ‘masculine’ sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton and others than to rhythmic gymnastics, dancing and others more ‘female’ sports.

Have you all get yourself all up for the coming FIFA World Cup 2010? Prepared to stay up late to watch live? Got a new TV so that you can watch it clearer?  I all hope that Princess will give me some chance to watch my favourite teams in action, and I be all happy with it.

This year FIFA World Cup will be in Africa, and I heard that the venue is all spice up to welcome this event.  When will it be a day that Malaysia can kick ourselves into FIFA World Cup and host this game?  I am sure we Malaysians will go all ‘GA GA’ if this happen!

Do you know the name of the ball use in FIFA World Cup this year?  The ball is known as Adidas “Jabulani” which  means "celebrate" in Zulu

On top of all this, I think all the soccer players should be sponsored the following to let them refresh after each game.. muahaha..


Beside awaiting for this event to pull in, I shall have some pre-entertainment as the Project Alpha will be starting soon.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


  1. Sports? No, thank you! But I use Adidas - roll-on deodorant!!!

  2. cynthia, do u have to use these few keywords?

  3. i like soccer and bowling too.

  4. after the world cup 2010, i will terminate my sport channel, dont really watch soccer except world cup

  5. Cynthia, thanks for ur reminder..Now i have better understanding..hahhah

    Hope ur post win the cash..


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