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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First…

First time reading My Very First Blog, and that was when I did a tag post that FoongPC had in there.  After doing it, I left a comment in Foong’s blog post and continue to just wait…

Since then, I have been following Foong’s blog, and also waiting for the ‘announcement’ to come.. and taa daa..

First time I won a blog contest! yeah! yeah!

First time I got lucky and got my name ‘picked’ from the pool of paper!! and you know la.. it’s in Foong’s blog lei (you know how heavy traffic is his blog)?!!

Today, I received this from Mr Postman…


Thanks Foong for his thoughtful gift!  :D


  1. Congrats Cynthia! Yeah.. foong's blog is cool! Heavy traffic.. lol.. ppl loves panda mah! Cool vouchers he got you there.. happy shopping :D

  2. congrats!!! foong also gave me a tee before.. I think eventually he will end up giving a gift to almost everyone.. hahaha..

  3. that's why i pai sei to go to Foong's blog, scare he will give me something always,,, MO KUN PAL SAU LOK ma,,,,

    hey sister ,you have a rocking weekend ya

  4. Congrats. That's a very useful gifts. Happy shopping.

  5. Wah, RM10.00. Go buy ice-cream for Princess. Ah, talking about ice-cream, I have some just bought last week and forgot to eat. Going to eat ice cream now.

  6. :( I never win anything from online wan lah. Cis...Cyn, can you make some cake then let me 'win' it? Akakakakaka!

  7. you are so lucky.

    anyhow, i am happy for you.

  8. Oh so finally the vouchers reached your place! I was waiting and waiting wonder how come you didn't mention about it! Haha! So scared it got lost in the mail!!

    Hope you like the prize!

    Btw, you received RM30 vouchers right? Not just RM10 I hope! Scared postman stolen them! : )

  9. merryn, thanks for the compliment but my blog is not as heavy traffic as you think lah!

    reanaclaire, I guess giving is a good feeling! : )

    eugene, eh you sure of not? Dun simply say ah! : )

    hugs to Breanna!


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