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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Scary Dog

We have a dog at home which is a mixed breed, and this dog is super duper playful.  I am not a pet lover, and yet I have a dog at home.  This dog is a guarding dog at home, and it is taken care of by my brother.

These few days due to the thunder storm and heavy rain, this dog of mine is so so so afraid of it.  When the thunder strike, it will run in the house and hide under the table and refuse to get out! 

DSCN6149 DSCN6152 DSCN6151 DSCN6150 poor dog.. it is just so scare of the thunder!


  1. hahaha... so scared... my labbie made dont know only even got thunder or lightning..tidur aja... hahahaha..

  2. Kesian... what's his name? Ricky? Vicky? My cat not really sked of thunder... only if too loud oni come and cari me!

  3. Your SCARY dog! I tot that fella so garang it's SCARY! Mana tau.. DIA so scaredy cat! lol.. hehehehe.. cute!

  4. My granny's dog also. Very fierce but scared of thunder

  5. my dog doesn't like the rain. It will bark and bark.

  6. Poor dog. :( I'm afraid of dog but still feel so kesian.


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