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Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

I have someone come into my face asking me if I was earlier having a no strings attached relationship, and therefore after having Princess, I have to shoulder her all on my own! I was stunned when this question was posted.. Anyway, I answered this person, by giving her my blog address, and ask her to read the story on her own.. frankly speaking, I am no longer having the interest to story my story every time someone 'interest' in it. I AM BORED of telling this again and again and again... *I prefer to story more about my Princess than a donkey* Anyway, with or without string attached, I think someone will have to be responsible when one life is created... agree?

No la, I am not going to bored all of you again with my never ending story of a donkey and I hope from now on, my monthly payment is prompt, and the final post will be when I got all my money back.. correct?

Just that I just wondering, why is this person so confident that I am with a no string attached relationship, and therefore brave enough to shoulder the consequences. Do this person actually reads a lot of those 'relationship / friendship' column in the newspaper where it will have some personal advertisement looking for friendship with NO STRING ATTACHED. Maybe the thought of this come into her mind, and she may also think that I actually response to this kind of advertisement to find a partner.. muahaha... *kidding me.. sai em sai oh*

You see, this kind of advertisement not just on newspaper, but also online site where they will put up this kind of message. Someone who want to fool around actually telling you that he or she is, and should you jump into it, it's no longer the person's responsibility. So, if I am looking for a partner, I won't be thad stup to go into this right.. :p

Anyway, since the word no string attached can be meant by no responsibilities, how come my current telco contract, my internet connection contract, my employment contract, my other other numerous contracts don't have this words ah? "NO STRING ATTACHED".. how nice right? I can do whatever I want as long as I pay, and I don't have to 'complain and complain' each and every time these 'contracted' services failed me. Not happy with the service, I terminate it without any payment or charges.. nice?

Talking about that, I had once had a service terminated, and was being questioned on the 'reason' why I do that, and with all the 'explanation' and 'discussion' I was being offered a free service for a period of 3 months, but I rejected it.. why? and this puzzled the customer service agent that was servicing me... and I told her "do you understand what is service standard, as long as the service is that bad, giving me 3 months or 3 years of FOC make no difference coz I still have to suffer while using the service, then better CUT la" right?

So, what else do you think it will be good with NO STRING ATTACHED?

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