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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Of Roast Pork and Lemak Chili Padi

Mum came back from the market, and telling me that the market got no more roast pork as we need it for Ching Ming, and mum ask “you know how to make mou?” I was like.. stunned while still FB-ing, I said “wait, I think I got a blogger did that” (see, I unintentionally telling her the benefit of blog)

So, I hop over to Elaine’s and found this recipe. I remembered that she did a post like this, and I go straight to hers to look into the details.

Take mum to the market, she bought the pork belly, and brought back for marinating. Just follow what Elaine wrote, and voila, when the clock strike 12 (midnight) the pork belly turned Cinderella looks like this..

DSCN6280 DSCN6278 The next day, we took “Cinderella’ back to Seremban, and it gets many many compliments! “Clap clap for the first time’ So, I can be the fairy godmother lor..

When we were back in Seremban, my aunt told me that she dreamt that my ‘dad’ visited her with some lemak chili padi ingredient, and think he wanted to eat that. Mind you, my dad already back to God for few years already. OK la, since she already open her mouth, I better make sure I do this.. or else, my dad will come look for me? *daddy, if you come, please give me 4D ah*

On Monday, I cooked the Ikan Tenggiri Lemak Chili Padi for my ‘dad’ as we decided to visit his grave. *according to the custom law, we have to pray all the elders before we can pray my dad* I served him the ‘dream’ food..

DSCN6282 DSCN6281I was talking to my cousin earlier on, that since our ancestors passed on for more than 20 years, do they really able to receive those ‘burned’ goods we gave but the food we served at least we can EAT!


  1. cynthia, u really loves cooking! good try.. unlike me, i dread cooking.. pity my kids..

  2. Roast pork! Mine also nice but the crackle doesn't crackle! Only the first time I tried...but now can;t remember what I did or how I did it. Your second dish...oooooo! I like!!! Yums...

  3. ya ya...after prayers, we human can wallop the food. haha... eh, your roast pork look so perfect. The other day I bought some and that 'xi tau poh' gave me 90% fats! How to eat la!

  4. u think that recipe can apply to cows or not...? i love that recipe but have never tried it. but i gotta try on red meat kan so i'm wondering if it'll work!

  5. I like your roasted pork. Maybe I should also try it out.

  6. Ya! It is true that food at least we can eat too.

  7. Haihh, Chinese are very weird sometimes. Believe in reincarnation but still burn goods so that they can receive it? If reincarnate d, how to receive ah? Liddat burn for who worr? *dies*

    I dono ah... I oso ask the same question since I was a little kid. Next life I want to ask God make me into a pretty Mat Salleh lah... nonid so pening my head!

    But consider good oso la...can still makan good food. LMAO...next year, if ppl drag me go grave, i tink I bawak Pizza or KFC la. Modern abit. Den I can makan til more syiok!


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