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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perut Ikan – the Authentic Nyonya Dish

My grandma is a Nyonya, and her cooking were superb!!  Till today, I can’t find any comparable (not even close) of those dishes that my grandma used to cook.  I remembered the way she cooked, was very very tedious.  Beside the taste, the presentation, the beauty of the food was a MUST to her.  Even we cook on our own, we will not be able to ‘compare’ the way she cook!

I have a bottle of perut ikan aka fish stomach (which my mum has cleaned and store in a bottle with lots of salt) and with my home grown daun kaluk, lengkuas, mint leaves, daun kaffir, and daun kalsom, mum decided to cook this dish.

She went to the market early morning, and bought the rest of the stuff and give instruction on how to cook the dish to me!!  That’s how busy my mum is nowadays, and she will just ‘give instruction’!

So, I took over and cooked this dish…First the ingredient…

100_1881 Green Chilis, daun kaffir, onions

100_1889 Cincaluk

100_1887 Long Beans

100_1886 Pineapple

100_1885 Prawn Paste

100_1884 Blended Chilli Paste with shallots, lemongrass, chili padi, dried chili, belacan, lengkuas

100_1883 Daun Kadok

100_1882 Daun Kalsom

AND NOW, let’s present the ‘main cast’


The Perut Ikan

100_1913The end product


  1. fuiyo... daun kodok.. opps.. i mean.. daun kadok! come..to malacca.. eat my mother's cooking :D

    but urs is looking good eh!

  2. ooh..cynthia, i dont know what that is. havent tasted it before.. but sure wanna try something new!

  3. wow it looks yummy! never tasted this b4! gd job... now u have taken over the tasks from ur grandma and mum ;)

  4. Same here...never taste that before. Looks yummy with those ingredient to prepare this dish.

  5. I also same like claire, tak pernah makan... coz...Ipoh very very hard to find nyonya food... Looks delish...

  6. Don;t say never taste before, never hear before also :-). But it looks really good there :-).

  7. Nvr eat before ,how it taste like?

  8. mmm.. it sure looks yummylicious...

  9. Oooo.... I just love perut ikan!! Salivating already. It's very hard to find this dish outside.

  10. Wah, there are so many ingredients which I never heard before..
    But I think the dish will taste good.


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