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Friday, April 9, 2010

Teluk Intan Accommodation

As we were back to Teluk Intan during the Ching Ming period, we will have to stay in a rented place as we do not have sufficient place to sleep with my aunts.

This year, we found a good place, as my eldest uncle’s family comprising a total number approx 20 people will be coming back, and we booked this semi-detached house for RM300 per day.

DSCN6197 The kitchen area

DSCN6194 DSCN6195 The bedrooms

DSCN6196 The hall

All the rooms comes with air-cond inclusive of the main living hall and kitchen.  On top of that, each room is provided with attached bathroom too!  We were also given bath towels in each room.  Water Heater is also being provided.

We didn’t stay in this house though, as my eldest uncle’s family is already big enough to occupy this house.  We had another place, with the same facilities, and each room only cost us RM50 per night.  The one I stayed even come with ASTRO!

Now, I am not here to promote this place, but a good news is, there is this type of accommodation offered in IPOH!!  As my family does often going Ipoh for a day or 2, this type of accommodation will be more ideal, as it allows the kids to run around comparing to a hotel.  On top, we are given better flexibility on the ‘check out’ time too!

So, anyone wants to go Ipoh coming school holiday?  I might be going, so if you are interested, we can do ‘rombongan’ from KL to Ipoh to visit some friends there!! (*Ipoh friends, you know who are you, don’t ya)?


  1. good idea wor...

    will get the phone num from you if we gila and suddenly decided to go

  2. got like that one ka.....

    hey have a great weekend

  3. yes yes...the last round i went ipoh, we rented a house. its clean n nice as u said. n cheap too esp for families.

  4. wah.. rombongan lagi! we charter bus eh? cool :)

  5. I nvr been to Ipoh...Hope can hav chance travel together with u n princess.

  6. wow...rombongan....reminds me of schooling time! haha.....

  7. Wah...can arrange bloggers' meet there!!! All squeeze in... That would be fun!

  8. I never stop by Ipoh, so never knew any places of interest or accommodation there. But this place you recommend sound cozy enough.

  9. gosh, this place looks really good! can u share the details with me? we go back to ipoh once a year to visit relatives.

  10. Hi! The house looks nice! Is it in Teluk Intan? Can you leave the contact and address?


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