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Monday, April 5, 2010

Teluk Intan ‘Liew Kee’ Chee Cheong Fun

Another attraction in Teluk Intan. 

This is a ‘must’ when we return to Teluk Intan every time, and we will not spare this shop when we are there.  There is a difference on the chee cheong fun in Teluk Intan comparing to those we ate in KL, as the chee cheong fun is served with dried prawns and turnips. 

Those in KL is served with yong tao fu and sauce, but in TI, we ate with green chillies.

Let me show you the shop…

DSC01092 The ‘blender’ that turn the rice into paste for the ccf

DSCN6204 DSCN6206 The queue in front of the shop on each festive season

DSC01089 DSC01090

The machine that cook the ccf.. DSC01091

  The numbers of pail soaking the rice for the ccf

And the end product?

DSCN6240 Cost RM3.20 per pack due to additional ‘liew’

I can eat a few pack of this in a day.. never get jelak of it!!  and we will packed at least 10 packs every time to bring back to KL.


  1. last trip back.. never tapao back.. but i prefered the other one, forgotten from which shop dy !!..

  2. T_T now I wan cry liao. The other day try to go ur house but sesat. *sigh* You pulak KO cuz too tired. Now I really wanna cry. CCF, CCF.... Boooohooo~

  3. Looks good! I always like CCF but very difficult to get anything good here.

  4. aiyo so nice de...i tot like those sold in pasar mlm. I didnt like those. Shud have tumpang u to tapau

  5. @smallkucing... this one really nice wan. I oso always tapau alot every time I go back TI. God, this one hor, eat with the venegared chilly... OMG, can go heaven~!

  6. I like Penang ones with sambal rojak...

  7. Yumm... chee cheong fun. I still miss the elderly lady who went from house to house on foot, and then use the scissors to snip little pieces of the rice flour onto the plate, then the yam, the sesame seeds then the sauce.

    Those days are gone.

  8. I love this one.
    I fall in love with it the moment I tried it the very first time.


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