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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I bought with my first pay

I got my first pay, in conjunction with Mama Patch first anniversary sales. 

I have been eye-ing for the nice nice stuff made by Mama Patch, since I know their existence, however due to the earlier ‘got to save’ mentality, I didn’t buy anything from them, but reading the website every time.

When I first got my pay, and with Mama Patch announcing that they will be giving 28% discount storewide in the month of March, I was jumping high and low to celebrate a ‘good’ way of spending my first pay.

I bought the followings:-

barnsling_redditte A Ring Sling for Princess 

The Ring Sling come very handy when we travel out as it can hold Princess still with me, leaving me with 2 empty hands carrying or doing whatsoever I want.

Then for myself, I bought these..

Premium Fleece Cloth Pad

Reversible Liners

Beside Princess going environmental friendly with her Cloth Diaper, I also decided to go Green with using Cloth Pads.  My monthly visits now gets easier, as I find the cloth pads were really good!  (More review on the Cloth Pad in separate post)

I hope Mama Patch will do this annual sales every year, and I can top up my Cloth Pads!! 

Besides, my Princess also had a good time in the sling, and also got some new friends to play with.  Hop over to Princess blog to read more.. :D


  1. Too bad, the sale is over. First time heard about cloth pad. Good idea hor.

  2. wah...very environmental friendly la.. good move!

  3. So happy and very happy for you lah,, your the first pay, after two years, right? come come to Penang, i buy you a Kai Fan to celebrate, offer lasts untill 1st of April 2010..hhahahahah.

    take care now and god bless

  4. Hi Cynthia! Congrats! You are one of the winners of my Najib vs Mahathir Tag!

    The results were announced HERE last week.

    Pls email me your address so that I can mail you the prize. Email to mvfblog@gmail.com. Thanks! : )

  5. The sling is very nice. I likey :-) The fabric looks quite familiar though, I think from Ikea one.

  6. hey hey!
    you have a nice blog here. im a new blogger! come by my site to check it out when you have time. between got your site through barb =) take cares and Happy Easter!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca


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