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Friday, May 7, 2010

I got lucky again

I saw my name in my FB wall this morning... here the result

I entered a contest by BEST EVENTS, and won my mum a lunch deal in Dish Deli, Solaris. In addition, it has the cupping treatment come with it too... hope my mum got time, and we can go together... or else, I go on her behalf.. muahhaa..

I have totally entered a few contest on Mothers' Day, and one got kick out, this I won.. and another 2 to know the result... now, just got to GET BACK TO WORK! muahaha....


  1. cynthia.. tak sia sia i lahir kan u girl! lol.. :P

    on a serious note, congrats so so much for winning this! i hope the other two will bear good results too.. what happen to the one that got kicked out ler? ayoyo....

    happy mother's day to you cynthia.. u r da greatest :)

  2. Hey sister, tahniah tahniah diucapkan,,,,, and by the way sister wishing you a great Happy Mother's day to you,,,,,,

    keep up the good works, and keep away the bad bad things,,god bless ya, take care now

  3. congrats! happy mother's day!

  4. Heyy... Happy Mother's Day, woman. :D So nice, win such pressie. So lucky. So unlike me, my name is jinxed. As long as put my own name for competition, sure tarak win wan! LOL...

  5. Happy Mother's Day! Lucky you... Enjoy yourself!

  6. hahaha congratulation to u!

    this is special mother day gift. hehehe

  7. ahhaahhaah ur title can be misleading lo... ;p

    anyway jokes away. wishing u Happy Mother's day.

  8. congrats woman!
    happy mom's day!

  9. you deserve it.
    Happy Mother's Day Cynthia !

  10. Congratz!

    Wishing you and your wonderful mom a happy belated Mother's day!


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