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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day Lunch

I blog about myself getting lucky again last Friday, and today, me and my little Princess went to Dish Deli, Solaris for the celebration.  My mum had class, so I brought back the gifts for her… in the Chinese says, 借花敬佛…

This event was organised by Best Events, and by Ms Hanniz who had did a great job for us, the mommies… We are treated for lunch, with drinks and desserts too!  Best Events can handle any event that you have in mind, for you… from SCRATCH!  I should consider them if I really got the budget to do Princess’s 2nd birthday ya… :D

Dish Deli, is a restaurant that prepare home cooked meal, and beside dining in, you will be able to have it bring back home for your convenience too!  In addition, they have baby food!!! :D

The restaurant ambience is very child friendly, where they have a little corner for the children to play, beside it’s cosy sitting!  I love it, and maybe will go there again some time…

The food served to ME, the mummy


The signage…

100_1983My meal..  100_1984

Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes, and roast vegetables with home made sauce 100_1988Desserts:  Chocolate Moose with Ice Cream

Beside the nice lunch, I was presented with the followings, which in turn brought back home for my mummy…

100_1968 A Bouquet of roses

100_1986A box of cupcake 

Of course before all the above start, I have got myself ‘photo’ with the owner, Heidi and the Organise, Hanniz..

100_1966 With Heidi…


 With Hanniz…

Oh, not forgetting one prize that I have yet to ‘claim’ and given to my mum.. will bring her there one day…

100_2000 100_1998 The Ravissante Traditional Bamboo Cupping Treatment (30 minutes) worth RM148

You can hop over to Princess blog to see the ‘fun’ she had in the restaurant..

Once again, thanks to Best Events and Dish Deli for the great celebration.


  1. wow..Cynthia.. u really enjoyed yourself.. good la.. i didnt go for any mother's day special meals.. sitting in the house whole day long.. :(

  2. very nice. You deserve the treat :D

  3. Happy Mother's Day,my friend!
    You look BEAUTIFUL, then and NOW!
    You are such a wonderful friend and MOTHER!
    May this Mother's Day be one of the best with more to come in years!

  4. Wonderful treat for you on mother's day..the bouquet is very beautiful.

  5. Congrats. wow...that chicken meal...look so awesome. Lots of gravy!

  6. Wow! The meal looks really sumptuous. The roasted chicken goes with brown sauce? Or was it some other sauce?

  7. wah nice wor. siap with flowers. and the food looks good. happy mommie's day Cynn!

  8. so shyiok ur mommy's day!bet u and breanna both had a great time!

  9. Seems like this year you will be very "ong" (good luck)! Good for you.

  10. U r really a good Mom and a tough girl after reading ur blog. Too bad unable to meet up with you that day as I only know that I am 1 of the winner the next day. Sigh... Hopefully will meet up with u soon

  11. Wow.. how come I'm not aware of such outing ones.. :P

    I have to try out the restaurant.


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