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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some ‘brainless’ driver

I am sorry if I offended anyone, but these were some ‘brainless’ driver who considerate and no having very high safety senses.  It’s very difficult to tell when, and how an accident can happen, and when it really happen, then only cry and foul over it, too late!

I normally have very high level of tolerance in traffic, and never want to really create any scene but when I had the following situations, I just can’t help to capture them…

DSC01074 DSC01075

Double park with engine ON, and a kid inside!

DSC01132 Taking 3 empty lots with 2 cars, and the culprit is the silver saga, coz this is the 2nd day it happen! 

Somehow, I will always ‘voice’ my honk if I drive, and when I have a bad feeling that thad driver is not concentrating, I always very worry on people knocking into me. 

However, I know there are people who very sensitive when people honk… and get annoyed with it.. but sometimes a horn actually can create awareness and alert…

Don’t know where I am heading to… but just ranting… :p


  1. wait la...the kid died in the car they baru regret

  2. sigh.. some people are not civic minded one ..

  3. it is not good to let kids in the car without any parent around.

    i guess it is the red wira problem.. and cause the silver iswara have to park like this.

  4. i hear ya! i cannot tahan these kind of ppl also

  5. haiz... I despise these kind of drivers too... so inconsiderate... dangerus too *shake head, shake head*

  6. .........................

    but sometimes i also double park..:(

  7. so typical of Malaysian drivers !! I'd say, Msian drivers are most creative..can find a parking spot anywhere, anytime.. check out Mid Valley car park at peak hours ! 2 car lane become 1 car !


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