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Monday, May 24, 2010

When you get struck and nothing can be done

I mean my MODEM!!

My home modem has been struck by the lightnings and it's now lay in peace on the computer table.. therefore my only on-line will be at work.. *now thank GOD that I got a job that my boss care-less' of what I am typing with the sound of the keyboard, as long as when he needs me to do his stuff, I am there*

It's been quite a while that I did not put up a post.. sorry to my blog, with no intention that I 'anak tiri' it, but some how I am so occupied with the little Princess.

She now knows well that when I walk towards my computer desk, she will start to follow, and she will ask to be carry... then when I just sit and laze around in the sofa, she is all alright with it as long as I am NEAR her..

What people will tell me when I start to 'grumble' on this 'gluey' Princess of mine? they ask me to appreciate before I know Princess will have her own world.. but "dear Princess, mummy is already slowly losing mine before you had yours" muahhaa... Nevertheless, I am still happy...

Last week, I had a long long meet up with a secondary school friend of mine, we did not meet for at least a minimum of 5 years.. and we have know each other for at least 16 years since in school.. so happy for her, that she is expecting her 2nd ones in October

Then while walking towards to Harvey Norman, as one of the cordless phone in office was faulty, I bumped into another 'old' friend... oh mine, it such a wonderful feeling that whenever we bump into friends... iLike IT!

The weekend ended with another good and nice gathering, with food and loads of goodies (can't post pic coz it's in my phone)however if your imagination can run while, I have a)pomelo b) leong sui c) konyakku jelly with peach d) lo mai fun e)lemonade kind of leong sui f) keropok sotong g)strawberry jam... nice right?

as for the dinner gathering, I can tell, most of you will know what gathering I had if you have a same blogroll as mine in coming a week or two.. *my will be doing the posting*

my dear friends, please bear with a few posts that may not have pictures, as I can't do that with my lappy nowadays... so, just got to do that in office...

*pls pray that I can stick on this job longer since I have so much {freedom} so you guys are updated even when I got struck again*


  1. LOL..in the coming week or two kakaka

  2. never mind cynthia... blog when u can :) ur boss good, give u freedom!

  3. "dear Princess, mummy is already slowly losing mine before you had yours" is so understandable!

    I truly understand what it is like. breanna tagging along anywhere. i can't online too if ethan is awake. the only time i'm online is when he is napping :D

  4. i be waiting for you.........lappy no good, change,,, streamyx no good, how?

  5. Oooo...gluey princess. haha... I have 1 gluey prince and princess at home too. Can't online at home

    Yea...great feeling when met long time no see friends. Even met them over the Internet (FB) I'm also very happy. haahah

  6. Wahhhh... so many goodies. LOL...got 'ong' leh... so much food! LOL...

  7. wa.i know the feeling of not being able to go online at home!it's like being handicapped ><

    my place also the modem got striked by the lightning once or twice>< after that we learn ady,must plug out the switch and everything the first minute you hear thunder,altho this means cannot online when raining,but better than cannot online for few days!:P

  8. Hi, have been following your blog.;) Well, perhaps getting a surge protector might help.. Just my 2 cents..;)


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