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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bak Chang Festival

Last year, I blogged about the type ‘dumpling’ my house had, and you can read the difference of both the Cantonese and Hokkien dumplings HERE.

This year, my aunt was here a week before the Duan Wu Festival, and she beat us to a surprise which she alone ‘cooked’ up another 4 types of dumplings this year.  We had the alkaline ones with red bean, the same old Cantonese and Hokkien ones and she made us the ‘Nyonya’ dumplings too! 

The Nyonya dumplings were wrapped with peanuts, sesame seed, and some sweet melons (which I only ate 1, and the rest was given away).  This year, this is the hit among all the others..

Like last year, I am overly busy savouring my dumplings, and I keep forgetting to take some photos of the ‘finished’ products except the alkaline ones.

Let me share with you, what are the ingredients you can find in my homemade ‘bak chang’ be it the Cantonese or Hokkien ones..

the ingredients From the left… Fried shallots, glutinous rice (fried), black mushroom, salted egg yolk, mung beans, pork, lap cheong, lap yuk, dried shrimp, chestnut, and dried oyster…  Geng mou?

And here the way we ‘boiled’ our dumplings.. presenting you..

charcoal stoveCharcoal Stove and Pot 

And last but not the least, the alkaline dumpling with red bean filing..

alkaline dumpling with red bean

The Final ones…

dumpling leaves The leaves…which are now what left..


  1. wei the red bean ho ho sik leh :D

    My granny use to boil using coal and those big oil square container

  2. Yummy..........I miss my mum's bak chang...Hav not been eating them for more than 15 yrs.

  3. The red bean one is definitely yummmylicious. I can't have enuff!!!

  4. hope you enjoyed ur Duan Wu jie..


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