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Friday, June 18, 2010

Blogging brings me great friends

Today is Friday, and I am supposed to work… but last week, while I was working, my goggle chat ‘sparks’ out, and we have a mission to do on Friday, coz one of my VIP will be in KL, and she is one that very dearly to me through blogging.. she is my FIRST!

This morning, I went to office earlier, and told my boss that I will be out for lunch, and will not be back soon.  I chop chop finish all my work, and when I received a call from her at 12.30pm informing me that she has arrived, I speak louder so that my boss know that ‘everyone’ is waiting for me, and he asked me to leave at 1pm.

SMS smallkucing, inform her to wait for me and I shall arrived in F1 style in 20 minutes.. SMS another ‘hantu’ so that she can wait for me somewhere since we both don’t know the way.. gedebak, gedebuk, I arrived at smallkucing sharp sharp at 1.30pm… muahhaha…

And of course we all convoy to this ‘pontianak’ house for the ‘mission’ event!!  It’s big I tell you, that we have to be in prepare for 1 week!

If you don’t know who are the VIP, hantu and pontianak that I am referring, please stay tune and I shall revealed it in the end of the post… let me share you the food we had for ‘lunch’… A GREAT spread!!

combine food

We have… Fried keow teoy mee, ondeh ondeh, lo mai fan, fish curry, fried rice, coca-cola chicken (and mind you, all the above are home cooked).. besides, we also have keropok, watermelon, cake which are not in the picture…

We sit and yank and yank and yank.. till only about 4pm before I first take a leave coz I still got to come back to office to work.. and to compensate my understanding boss, today I worked till 6pm before I left the office and back home bringing my Princess to the Park.

Now, do you want to know who were I referring? or you have got your guesses right?

group photo 4Me, Mummy Ling, Claire, Smallkucing… and one that wished to remain ‘unpublished’..

The little mission was a fun one, and we must say big big thank you to Mummy Ling for her host, food and all the mess we did to her house!

And Claire, thanks for the goodies too! :D

Smallkucing usual ‘balik kampung’ style, and I want the ondeh ondeh again…

and to the one that wish to remain silent, please cook more of the coke chicken for ME!

Anyone else want to host us next round?  We bloggers should do this kind of stuff often ya.. :D


  1. wokay no problem...have to ask Ling to provide me with Pandan Leaves. Taste nicer punya

  2. Wokay..come again anytime. I sumbat u all with foods again..ahhahah..

    @smallkucing - go take Ah Gong's one.u know where to get it..ahahhaha

  3. yooo.... u beat me to it.. no wonder u r nicknamed F1... cis.. so fast one!!! i tot i would be the 1st one.. heehhee...i sure cannot beat this F1 driver..
    thanks for making this possible.. so... when is the next one? Ipoh? :)

  4. smallkucing.. ya lor, with pandan taste better, can give me the recipe mou?

    Mommy Ling.. hehehe... Thanks ah.. I balik with full tummy...

    Claire.. muahaha... I am so happy to beat you to it.. next Ipoh? mou man tai.. :D

  5. Fuiyooo... ur boss ah, really good to u leh. Ur working time so flexy, can come and go anytime. Very nice leh. :D

    Too bad Breanna is not there, I'm sure smallkucing misses Breanna.

  6. Cyn..tarak special recipe ler..just the gula melaka is from Kota Bahru one. FIL bought punya and the coconut is young coconut. not old one

  7. Haha where got hantus and pontianaks? All I see is just a bunch of leng luis :) Anyway, nice meet-up!

  8. oh this is latest good news! good to hear this mommy gathering!

    nice group photos

  9. Oh, Claire was in town??? Looks like u guys had fun! Especially on the happy tummies!

  10. wow...gathering again..so fun.
    Alot of nice food to eat too.

  11. nice gathering woh!! Everybody cook something and share share eat , nice!

  12. who is the one that remian un-published lei? Cleff? She cook coke chicken? Yuhoo!

    Nice gathering! So much fun and so much food!


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