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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting ready to receive bombs

I am counting down.. I have 3 good friends (so far) which will be getting married this year, and from August onwards, I will have to prepare for the good things to come.

First thing first.. I must make sure I got the ‘baju’ ready right?  and me with my ‘special’ situation, I won’t be able to go shopping.. now I start to classify Princess and myself as ‘Siamese Twins’ that cannot be separated… How am I going to go shopping for clothes with her?

So, my other option is shopping online… and I came across many many reviews of this online shop named Malaysia Online Boutique – Irenelim Fashion and what good is that they are giving out Free dresses for bloggers and website owners!!  This is a good time for me to go about it, and I have glued my eyes on one of their item…

imageI am also very sceptical when come to online shopping as I always afraid that the shops do not carry the size I want… and this I found it here… *keeping finger cross that it is not sold yet*..

So, anyone want a free dress? Go and get from Irenelim Fashion!


  1. wow.irenelim is really famous among the mommies blogger right now!:D

  2. ngum la...sure no need to ding dong here and there looking for dress. Buy online :D


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