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Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Friday and today....

Last Friday, I was totally upset in the morning. It's a routine every morning for me to travel from my house to USJ, and to Serdang before returning home. The whole journey will be approximately 40KM drive each day, and will take 1.5hours to complete include the traffic.

I have to always get up at 6.55am, and leave my house latest at 7.10am with Princess to avoid being stuck at the USJ entrance (will reach before 7.30am). From that entrance to the house, it will take another 10 minutes. Sometimes, I will just stop at the Petrol station or the roadside to buy breakfast (but I can't do this everyday having to carry Princess) just to spend extra time and not reaching my aunt's house too early.

Nevertheless, I will still be able to reach there at 7.50am (Beginning of the year, the twins requested for 7.50am coz they were late to school for 3 consecutive days due to the traffic). Till a few months back, after the traffic settle down a bit, they wanted 7.55am (this means, even I reach there before time, I will have to 'WAIT" for them to get their A** out from the house).

They will not be considerate on people waiting outside, or you are having a baby in the car.. NO WAY! They will just make you wait till they think they want to get out! REASON BEING: THEY DON'T WANT TO REACH SCHOOL EARLY!!!!!

Then last week, my aunt left for Nigeria, and these twins getting worse! From a 7.55am to 8.00am and last Friday, they only put their ass in my car at 8.05am!!! Now, you may ask, what a big deal of that 10 - 20 minutes!! but IT IS!! coz each time I waited, my car engine is running and there will then be petrol consumption and I call this wastage!

The maid will not come open the gate for you to enter the house no matter you are early or late, and that I have to wait in the car with Princess. Sometimes, I even 'nurse' Princess in the car just to make sure that she don't fuss later during the journey.

Anyway, back to last Friday, it was totally unreasonable for them to make me wait for almost 30 minutes outside the house (even numerous warnings given, they just kind of those kids that 'heck care')!! I was furious and reprimand them not to make any noise in the car as I am also having headache!

Well, they say I am being 'bossy' for not allowing them to talk, and it's their 'RIGHT' for talking! Frankly speaking, I don't have any good words that I can put in to describe the twins as they are being very disrespectful, no manners, no sense of talking to them. They are also demanding and they will tell my mum "My parents paid you to come take us, you are my driver"!

Indeed yes, the parents (who somehow or rather think that earning the maximum is equally best than spending time with them ) paid my mum a fee as 'guardian' to take care of the kids, however I don't think we should go through this kind of agony each time we go pick and send the twins! We are relatively close, and how can the twins call my mum (or myself) the 'driver'!

Despite the twins, my mum still have to take the mother of my uncle to hypermarket on groceries shopping (which my mum thinks it's OK since she already in Subang) on occasion when my aunt is not around. ( my aunt has to spend a minimum of 6 months in Nigeria together with my uncle in order to fulfil the 'expat' requirement).

During the journey last Friday, I was being called a 'bitch', slurring the 'f' word on me, and even calling me a retard! My goodness... now, do you want to know how old is the twins? *they are 14 years old* an age which I consider is able to think and speak, and behave!!

If you ask me if I have told my aunt about their behavior? I will say, YES I did.. however it won't enter to my aunt's ear coz she will always tell me that the tiwns are still 'small' and not 'grown' yet! So, at the age of 14, still consider not grown, can I know at what age is consider 'old' enough? And if you want an example how disrespectful the twins can be? EACH MORNING THEY ENTER THE CAR WITHOUT GREETING ME AS THOUGH I AM INVISIBLE AND THE CAR MOVE ON IT'S OWN! I think even I enter a cab, I still say 'hello' to the driver... AND IF THE TEACHER WALK PASS AND GREET THEM, THEY JUST WALK STRAIGHT! I remembered back those days in school, if we don't greet the teacher, we will be punished!

Come Saturday, the elder twins even requested my mum to drive to Subang coz they wanted to have a haircut in Subang Parade!!!!!!


This morning, I left the house only at 7.30am (partly due to is school holiday) and I took the slowest drive to USJ ever...and guess what, when I reach the house at 8.10am, I will still have to wait for another 5 minutes before I can see the twins out from the house. And then come the running in and out of the house looking for some thing (which is very common on Monday) before we can really take off at 8.20am!

Now, I am taking another approach, which rather that I 'teach' the twins by scolding, shouting or even fighting with them, I will take my own sweet time in my drive. I don't care... 皇帝不急,我这太监急什么?

The only reason is I hope I can send them to school on time, and now since they don't want to reach school early, I won't have to be responsible if they are late coz the later I leave the house, the heavy traffic is...

Today, I arrive the school at 8.50am (comparing to the usual 8.30am) and tomorrow, I will just do the same... I only wish that the Twins father will no longer need to be based in Nigeria, and they will not be studying in the current school anymore so we can be 'release' of this kind of 'responsibilities'.

To my humble opinion... 子不教父之过!

and how I wish, the twins can be at least half comparable to one of our beloved blogger's 2 wonderful sons!! Frankly, I really enjoy reading his blog when he mentioned how wonderful his 2 sons are!!


  1. Cynthia... do u have to go thru this each day in and out? when u mentioned twins last time, i tot they were small kids.. primary.. gosh, they are 14 and so rude to u??? whatever for?? i wont stand this kind attitude! but then dont listen to me, i m now in foul mood these months.. menopausing period! but then.. to tolerate this is sickening... give them the "third finger" next time! *sorry, i wont do that, of course, movie influence me too much*

    on the other hand, they are much to be pitied...their parents have no time for them and they will have a hard time dealing with the twins as they grow up... the twins too will have to learn the hard way next time if their attitude is not rectified.. pity them actually...

  2. if they r on ur car..its yr RULES n not theirs. So they agreed time is XXX, if they come out one min late, u zoom off la....

  3. Can you do without the twins ? i just wonder, anyway we cant really blame the children,not their fault really,, it is about the way they are brought up......

    well, may be you can start by looking at them as your own boys,then you will see them differently, serious one, you try, really take them as your own twins. i bet you will want to see them to grow up nice,right? anyway i would do that if i were you but then again i am not you, hahahahahah.

    take care now and God bless

  4. if me, i just toss them out the car..brats

  5. I dun tink I will be able to tolerate such nonsense. =(

  6. hey cynthia...why do you have to ferry those brats? may i know if their mom pay you back for the petrol and time? i don't know how you can tolerate them. i would have slapped them a long time ago.

  7. HORRIBLE BRATS!!!!!!!!!!

    their parents should know how they are behaving. RASCALS!

    do u have to do this??? I would definitely not do this if I have a choice.

  8. Kristie... I am doing this coz of my mum, If I don't do, then she will have to do it on her own.. WORSE right?

    Barb... My mum paid the petrol and toll, but not the time lor... but nvm la, mummy and daughter no 'kai' la...

    Cleff.. Pray that they won't be going to that school next year.. muahaha

    Kucing... hahaha, I did stop the car last week you know.. just refuse to move...

    Eugene... treating them like my own? they will be all 'dead' by now.. I sure wack them crazy...

    LittleLamb.. oh ya, next time, I think I will do that.. then only listen to my mum's nagging.. muahaha..

    Claire.. yup, you heard alot of them hah, and you think they are 'small' too right... but NO!!!

  9. Oh dear Cynthia, I read each line with agony. They are being totally disrespectful to you.. they are already 14???? goodness.. i tot they are in primary school!

  10. My husband's niece oso like that. She's known as E. Bitchy oso... no manners, dono how to greet people and thinks the world revolves around her. Wish I could slap her!

  11. don't get yourself so worked up la... they're 14! should know how to think for themselves already. if they do not love themselves and behave like sh*t, parents also don't care, just close one eye la. breathe in breathe out, and remind yourself that you're doing it for your mum :-). happier...

  12. Yalah...as what Pei Yi said, "close one eye". And I like what you are doing now..
    Since they do not like going to school on time, they you do the same. And "zhok dui" with them, hehe.


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