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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Leaving the child with maid

Princess has no sign of rejection with the maid, and she show 'excitement' every morning when she sees her kakak enter the gate and will wave for her. Of course, during those times she knows mummy will be going out, she will refuse to have her kakak carry her.

I seldom leave Princess with Kakak if I go out beside going to work. I even took Princess to the police station despite I know how troublesome it will be. Read about it HERE. However, someone once came to my face telling me that I should start to let go, and leave Princess at home to be taken care by Kakak and I should be lucky that Princess and Kakak get along.

Well, I do let Kakak have her fair share of caring of Princess (i.e. time that I want to blog, play Bejeweled, FB, bake or even doing some work) however I will want to be with Princess at times I am out shopping or meeting friends. I am still in my very own opinion that I should self bring Princess up than leaving her to the maid. I am not in the opinion that my maid will really 'teach' her the right and wrong.

And in my heart, seriously .... I pray everyday to GOD for my Princess not turning into a moron like my twins cousin!! Each day I drive to pick them, and after scolding for not being prepared, I keep deep inside myself that please GOD, spare my Princess turning into such a moron! and I hope GOD hears me EVERY weekday!

I rant about how bad the twins were few days back, and frankly I feel bad having to rant it in my blog as I know beside you my beloved blogger who constantly hop over to my blog, my family members are reading them silently too. By ranting it on the blog, I basically setting a bad impression of the twins but seriously, I can't take it any further.

I also have the way the twins being brought up as an example to avoid my Princess being in the same situation. The twins do not have their parents to be around (coz of money making) and leaving them 'spoilt' by the grandmother and maid. In this circumstances, I think Parents is a very important 'model' in the child's life.

I can see there were too many good upbringing examples when one is taken care by the parents (NOT the Monetary), and very very rare occasion I see 'bad apples' when the child if fully taken care of by the parents. BUT on the other hand, those who are care by either grandparents or maid is hardly good either...

I am lucky that I got just a 'daily' maid but not a full time one, and this will also let me have the 'evening' with Princess all myself... :D and Princess, if you ever come to this blog when you grown, please BEHAVE! :D


  1. have to balance between letting go and taking care of her yourself or. But now you are doing a great job what.

  2. Yes, Cyn...u r doing Great!! so many mummy bloggers here to give u moral support! yeh!

  3. Don't worry...You are a great mum !!

  4. gotta agree with you! bringing your own child up is the most important thing. :)

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  5. Dear Cynthia, I couldn't agree more! Nuture and care for our beloved children in our own hands are so precious, that's one of the reason why I quit my job for my lovely childen.:)

    have a beautiful day ahead!

  6. i think u are doing the right thing. Somehow bringing up the child is our responsibility. The maid should be our extra pair of hand to HELP and assist when we are not available.

    I support you!!

  7. Yeah, i agre with Sk... a balance between letting go and taking care of her yourself... easier for everyone. But of course when it comes to teaching your kid, you really got to see what kind of things she may learn from the kakak... got to monitor lo. From what i read here, can see you're a gret mummy la... keep it up :-).

  8. I brought up 2 grandkids, dont think I did a 'bad' job.

    both my grandchn are well-behaved.


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