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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My bad 'half' day

Today, seriously not my day!!

I was out from my house at 10am today, and supposed to go to one of the client's office to collect cheque in PJ.  While I was driving there, I received an SMS from him saying that he is NOT in the office!!  Due to this, I canceled another client's appointment and make a U-turn to go back work.

Then, I remembered my mum asking me to pay her mobile phone bill (another havoc coz by the bank for canceling the wrong card) as it was already suspended.  Went to Pearl Point and the shop only opens at 11am!!! and I was there at 10.40am!

Received another call from the dispatch of my supplier, saying he was waiting outside my office, but no one there! When I told him I am at the mall waiting to pay my bill, he says he want to leave and will only be able to come back tomorrow!  So, I told him to wait for me, and I went back office to collect the stuff..

After that, I went to my office's condo (which will be starting the reno tomorrow) to pay the maintenance office of renovation deposit, but can't find the check in my folder!! So, I left for office again... guess what, when I got back to office, I saw the check in the folder!~!  See la, what a waste of my time!!

I went to office, clear up some stuff, and leave office again at 12pm to meet one client, and since earlier the one that I am suppose to go collect check says I can go after lunch... Went all the way to Jaya One, after collecting some sample from one client, and SMS the one that I am suppose to collect check... and the reply?  I am not in office now, will only be back after 3pm!!  OMG!!  I was like, what I am suppose to do at 1.10pm in Jaya One?

I went for coffee in Starbucks, and while there, received a call from the contractor asking the status of the renovation starting date... I left Jaya One after SMS my client telling him to leave the check at the reception, and will collect it tomorrow instead and F1 to the banks (Public Bank and Maybank).  Also F1 to the condo as I have to catch the clerk before she cabut after work.

Done all, and I am back office fully exhausted and feeling wasted most of my time today! 

But nevertheless, I 'compensate' my bad day by going shopping for a swimsuit for Princess!  Stay tune, as I am going to bring Princess out for her first swim very very soon!!!

Ok, now after I press 'publish post' I hope the after hours will be 'peaceful' till the end of day.  Tonight I got a steamboat dinner with my relatives!

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  1. wa...what a ding dong here and there...guess you can ding dong home la...errr...the phone bill pay already or not ? :p


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