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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reading blogs via Google Reader

Recently, due to the unavailability of my home internet connection, I do my blog hopping in office.. however due to the time constrain, I noticed I am unable to blog hop all the blog list I have.

I remembered earlier Chinnee told me that she had the Google Reader to help her read all the blogs, and I am now using the same as I can have the list of all the blog posts listed one by one than me going clicking around.

The only set back is that, I maybe reading the blog post, but did not leave any comment as I won’t be able to click into individual titles to leave comments (if I do that, then it won’t make a difference for me).  I am now more like a silent reader than an active one that go around commenting blog post after I read to mark my arrival.

Therefore, if you don’t see me commenting, please forgive me but don’t forget me ya.. I am around but just not able to hop to your blog as often.  Now with my home connection is back, I hope I can resume my blog hopping activity soon to the fullest. 

Another reason that I use Reader is that Princess nowadays seeking 101% attention from me, and the minute she sees me walking towards the desktop or laptop, she will start to ‘scold’ me!  She will wailed and want me to leave that place!  So, I use reader, as I know with that, I won’t missed any of the blog post this way.

So, my dear friends… my silent absent is now explained, and I am sure one day, I am able to comment and mark my appearance again in your blog..

Please don’t forget me, and do come by even if you don’t see me commenting in your blog ya… Thanks..

google reader

I have categorise individual blogs and it will be easier for me to read it that way… 


  1. i use google reader too. sasha tan taught me.. saves me soo much time bloghopping..

  2. i use google reader too. sasha tan taught me.. saves me soo much time bloghopping..

  3. ar...like that ah? Wokay wokay..i go "yin kau , yin kau"

  4. yes, i tried google read before.. can read but cannot comment one..sai hei..

  5. ok I know u r ard then!


  6. good to read from google?

    i prefer go to their website better.

  7. google reader, heard about it, but so far not yet use it, because hor, I dont know how to install and use it.. So, I just blog hop whenever I have time..

  8. Yea..yea. with this reader is so much easier but as u said the con is not able to leave comment one by one especially you have plenty of blogs to read.

  9. eeek? apa nih? first time heard bout it :D


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