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Monday, June 28, 2010

Restoran Ban Huat, Sg Buloh

If you are also a reader at smallkucing, you will have noticed that this little boy has been patronising this restaurant for a number of time.  This time while we eat there, of course it is through the recommendation of the kucing besar la..

We make a date, and with another family we were there as early as 6.30pm with a SMS direction from mama kucing.. I know Sg Buloh by the main road, and only went to the outside area but this restaurant is quite deep into Sg Buloh New Village. 

When I arrived, everyone was already waiting, and food have been ordered…

The food served on that day…

combine 2 combineI would say that the food served is nice except for the veg.. but one thing for sure is that don’t come to this restaurant starving, as the cook and chef are really taking their own sweet time to cook up the dishes. 

Well, of course… the pricing is very reasonable as all the above dishes, we only paid RM75 (if I am not mistaken, coz I am not the one that foot the bill)…

Ask me if I will go there again?  of course… and I will eat a little snack before going… muahaha…those who stay near there, give this place a try.. it’s all nice just to be prepared to wait…

*maybe the slow cooking, therefore the restaurant will look ‘full’ of customers”  - marketing gimmick… muahhaa..


  1. for so many dishes.. 75 is reasonable though the dishes look quite small in portion.. so eat snack first before going? so cham.. hahhaa...

  2. wei...that one not yau mak. It was "Thong Or". the vege too old

  3. macam u r not satisfied geh....

  4. Yea...waiting for food can be very toturing when the tummy is drumming.

  5. RM75 quite reasonable price..with fish and sotong somemore.

  6. All look pretty yummy & will give a try if going there but I guess chances will be slim coz it's quite far away fr my place!


  7. Grrr.... why everyone post sotong wan? Gua beh tahan liao!


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