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Thursday, June 3, 2010

When a single mother like me got sick...

I am also stressed up!!

I was down... hit by the flu bug...but being a mother, and single handed-ly caring for a little toddler who is now very demanding, is a real good challenge.

I didn't have enough rest on the first day when the bug hit me, as my little Princess was also not sleeping well. I was worry that the bug will also bug her, but I am glad that she was OK, despite a bit of sneezing and cough (nothing serious)

On the 2nd day morning (which is yesterday) after spending nearly 2 hours at the doctor, came home with some 'drowsy' medication which will make me feel super sleepy, however my little Princess seems to be happy that I am home on a work-day and she refused to follow her kakak even I want my 'beauty' nap. And despite being sick, I still have to 'drebar' the twins to and fro school.

I think those who have met me and my little Princess, knows how 'koala' can the girl be, and last night, she just had a different behavior which add on to my 'suffer' and 'pain'. She will take her nap on an 'extraordinary' position for half an hour, and wake up crying first.. follow by loud wail... and scream!!!

I was just so so sleepy, that I tried the 'no eye see' method and turned my back with her. BUT BUT.. this don't work! she cry even louder!! and she keep tapping on my back wanting my 'attention'.

In the end, I gave up.. I got up from bed, carry her and with her baby language (which I hardly understand) I seriously don't know what to do. At that moment, I am thinking will be just drop dead due to the tiredness :p And I keep asking her what she want.. and her reply? "wa ug wa ug wa... "

I am at the point I don't know what to do with her, and I cried... I was totally hopeless (with no one at home) and when I cried, I saw a little hand over to my cheek and wipe my tears away.. The other 'crying' sound stop immediately.. and she pointed to my bed..

Sometimes I wonder, do my girl understand my emotional part too?
She stop crying when she sees me crying? and she knows it's her who make me cry?
Her action of 'wiping' my tears is nature born since I have not cried in front of her?

With that immediate action, my heart melted... in total melting...

I hug her tight, and put her to bed again, letting her latch on... and we both sleep through the night in 'peace'. She no longer wakes up middle of the night crying, and me? I had a good rest too!

This morning awake with most energy recovered, and just some 'wanton' making going on. I am glad I survived this 'mini' hurdle again... :D When I posted my 'health' status over my FB, I got many of you giving me the 'get well soon' wishes, and deep down in my heart.. Thank you! :D

And someone buzz me on FB asking me how am I.. 'you' know who 'you' are...

and someone SMS me if I got food at home and need any delivery...

Family and Friends, you guys and gals are just way too sweet to 'sayang' me! TQ TQ!!

"rolling tears of joy"


  1. i think Breanna knows you very tired jor thats why stop crying and point to the bed ask you to go oi oi..rest well and get well soon

  2. Get well soon!! I am so glad that you have your good night sleep at last and your princess does show you how much she cared actually :) So touched!

  3. Breanna knows.. aww... my heart melts too.. u take care now cynthia :)

  4. glad your all well now! your little princess is too adorable! wiping your tears for you :) shes growing up!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  5. Wan me to DHL you some mango pudding? =D Your girl... very pandai... =D so sweet of her. Haizz... why la I dun have a sweet dotter like urs? If so sweet liddat, kaola oso nvm.

    ps: Hope you get well soon, woman.

  6. So touching! sorry i didnt know u were sick, Cyn.. i never on my FB often, only once a blue moon cos i dont know really know how to go about it or maybe no time to.. sigh..
    Hope u can "fight with the tiger" now.. :p

  7. Princess can see and feel ur feelings.

  8. hope you are okey dokey fully now. princess is such a sweet little angel, even me in reading is so touched, what's more you! lucky mummy! :')


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