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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awet in Chan Sow Lin

Oh gosh.. this is way backdated… and I just recalled that this happen on a ‘Father’s Day’

My cousin came visiting on the day, and after a day out shopping with her, she met with her friends and we went to this place in Chan Sow Lin for Thai food!  I tell ya, the journey into this place is very challenging, and I won’t go if I am the only one driving.. reason being, the path into the place is just next to the big ‘drain’ and along some jungle path..

Upon arrival, I got to know this restaurant was a branch for Awet in Cheras.  Despite the ‘difficult’ journey, the place is very nice.. it is built on some water pond!

thai restaurant The Address of all the branches

100_2584 Fresh Coconut

100_2585 Thai Style La La

100_2586 Otak-Otak (a very special way of serving)

100_2587 Tom Yam Soup

100_2588 Thai Style Pucuk Paku

100_2589 Deep Fried Squid

100_2590 Salted Grilled Fish (Very Nice)

If you see the number of dishes above, you must be guessing the number of people eating.. It’s ONLY 4 of us (excluding Princess) and the bill was less than 3 ‘green cows’ i.e. RM150.00! The drinks were around RM20 only I think (separately)

Now, any other ‘hantus’ or ‘human’ that want to join me the next round? 


  1. wah...hoe kwai ah... not kwai meh? i like the tomyam.. eh..u didnt open the aluminium foil one.. see what it looks like inside.. otak otak.. i like also..

  2. Ai yah,, i thought you wanted to talk about girl,awet means girl in bahasa pasar, i zoomed quick quick, mmmmmmmmm what a let down, talked about makan pula,,, no awet,,hahahahah

    take care now sis

  3. i want i want iwant..wait till am better...want the grill salted fish

  4. Sotong! Count me in... kebuluran here. LOL...


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