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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Durian hurt me, but Princess heal me..

From my previous post, you already know how 'siao' I am with Durian... and last night, one dearie friend drop by my house just to deliver some fresh durians!

While opening it... I cut my palm.. it now leaves 3 lines at the palm area, and this post is not to hightlight my 'cut' palm... it's to highlight the very dearie moment of my little Princess...

When she first saw blood oozing out from my palm, she stop all her action... and stare at me for a while... then I told her "mummy cut hand, pain pain"... the unexpected happen to me was....

PRINCESS WALKED NEARER TO ME, PUT HER LITTLE PALM ON MY CHEEK, AND SMOOTH IT A FEW TIMES... that's a sign and gesture of her sayang mummy! muahaha...

I tell you, this little gesture of my little Princess is infinity times better than any doctor, pain killer or antiseptic! My heart melt into pieces, and on top of that, she pull a piece of tissue for me...

muahaha... sweet sweet... :D


  1. good girl! sayang sayang mummy :D

  2. worth getting cut leh.. hahahhaa.. so adorable!

  3. you durian lover,,,, suffer a bit never mind one lah, suffer than eat lagi got 意识,right?

    hey next time wear lah glove, ok

  4. really sweet lor! i wonder if Jasper will do the same to me next time :( Girl more 'sai sam' one.haha!

  5. *pengsan* the durian is jinxed! Ish... next time help u open all and put in tupperware lah, better!

  6. Cleff... no la.. just that I accidentally 'cut' only... but if I don't cut, how to enjoy those loving moments? sometimes, we need to get 'hurt' in order to get 'love' :D

  7. wah... so lum ah... hurt a few more times also tai :-D.

  8. Awww....so sweet. Sure the durian tasted super duper extra sweet too!!! hehe

  9. Be careful mommy..I have seen my dad using a cloth to hold on the durian while opening it, to avoid getting himself hurt. So maybe you can try that way.

    Breanna is such a sweetie.


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