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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Durian oh Durian

You know how much my love and hate for durians?

Each season, my love for durians grows from the minute durians are available, and I hate it when it only good during their ‘season’. 

For the last 2 weeks, I have been trying very hard not to crave for it, but I failed badly.. each time I drive past a durian selling store, I am very tempted to stop and buy… but I didn’t as I don’t know how to BUY!  All these while, my durians were bought by either my dad or my bro (but now, but of them are not around)!!

Long story cut short.. the last final temptation came… I was in Genting, and while having lunch in Gohtong Jaya, I saw durians again… I didn’t buy coz I am not the one driving, and I know my boss is not a fansee of durian…

I waited till I got home… send the maid back.. and I went to this regular each time drove past durian seller near my house… stop my car, carry Princess down… and VOILA, I ask for the local durian kampung!

Oh ya, I only fansee of local durians, not much of those ‘branded’ ones coz I find those branded durians are too rich.. one or two pulps, you are done full… local durians?  I can have more ma…

Pricing?  RM6 per Kilo.. and for 5, I paid RM40!  Those branded ones are around RM8 to RM17 per KG.

durian 2 durian 1All 5 durians were GOOD! and we had it and keep some in the chillers… The next day, I had it again… It’s a ‘practise’ of me that I have the fresh ones on the first day, and 2nd round will be the chilled ones (those chilled ones will taste like ice creams)…

I will still be buying durians… soon again…


  1. go go eat until heart content..cos season will be over soon... or why not u freeze it?

  2. Happy durianing!!! i cool down first..

  3. wei..next time bring tupperware to the stall. Ask them to open the durian and put in the tubs for you. Then you can see immediately if any rotten or "sang farn su" one. The stall will replace for you on the spot one.

    how to pilih durian ah...find green ones and the duri must be sharp. Means still fresh punya :p

  4. My MIL gv me some tips. Eat durian in the morning and eat chilled durian, less heaty. I still hv not had a durian feast yet. Like you, I don't know how to buy, I'll prob. grab those Jusco ones at 50% off during closing hours. :D

  5. i love durians too but i dont dear to buy it and bring it home because no one here eats it except me. i love the fresh smell of it :)

    have a fabulous weekend

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  6. Had one round last weekend. But expensive lah. D24 one durian was RM20. Sigh....

    Hubby thinking to look for other branded ones.


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