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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I BANCI liao... have you?

Last Saturday, in a bright daylight, under hot hot sun, 2 Indian ladies came knocking on my door.  With the dog barking hard, I peeped and I asked... The answer:  BANCI BANCI (A Survey practice to collect data from the every household)

Oh.. OK.. I went out to the car porch, and the lady asked me some questions pertaining to the BANCI  however I find it very difficult, as we have 4 people living in the house, and to go through one by one under such a hot sun, it's really not easy.  I took over the form, and asked her what should I fill, and proceed with all the necessary completion.

I remembered back those days (mine was like 20 years back), I experienced once of this also in my hometown, and those days, the officer was invited into the house, sitting on the little benches in the porch and doing that with all our leisure.  However, this time round I think being living in a city, we are more concern of security, therefore the whole 'interview' was done between a grill gate.

We were given a yellow card to place near our house number, as an indication that the BANCI officer came to the household and done their part.  The questions were basically from Name, DOB, Education Level, Employment Level, Electrical Item owned in the, number of cars owned, household income and so forth...

The form consist at least 10 pages, and if you have more than 4 person living in the household, you may have more to fill too..

So, have you got the BANCI officer in your house already?  Do corporate with them, as these inform may be helpful and useful.



  1. sudah... my son was jogging when he was stopped by banci fella.. so kau thim outside the house.. :)

  2. banci... never heard before...

    i scare after banci.. they take out a knife and said "refer to ur income... you sure are rich enough and pls give me your money"

  3. Kalau Banci datang, i tell them that no need to banci one lah.. cos what is that to banci,, go lah fight corruption better..... make the rakyat richer lah,,, now 4 thousands one month also cannot survive lah, banci my foot


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