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Friday, July 2, 2010

MBO Cinema – Desa Petaling

I brought Princess and my youngest brother to Toy Story 3 few days back, and we choose MBO Cinema since it’s near our house, and according to my brother, the cinema has minimal patrons (just in case Princess make noise, at least not so embarrassing ma).

When we were there to buy our tickets, the cinema only sold 4 tickets, and we bought 2.  This means, the whole cinema belongs to all 6 of us!  and my brother said.. see, I told you…

The sound system in the cinema of course can’t compete with GSC or TGV, however I got no complain about it.  Just that maybe due to the less of ‘human’ it comes too loud for Princess and I have to cover her ears whenever the ‘sound system’ come into action.

Overall, I am happy with the cinema, and don’t mind watching movie there… and let me tell you, the tickets on Wednesday is only RM5!!  So, next.. anyone want to join me for movie on Wednesday? come hands up… :D


  1. wokay wokay noted. Good..less people more freedom

  2. eh not too bad le RM 5!!! what movie is coming for this wed ??

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  3. the other day i watched the Karate Kid, it was 10 ringgit!!
    hey, princess can watch movie now also .. geng!

  4. everyones like talking about toy story 3! looks like I gotta buy the DVD soon! :)

    jen @ www.harmoflife.ca

  5. wow!must try so nice so little ppl!

  6. Ya...agreed less ppl easier in case bb makes noise!

    Good that you managed to see the whole show.

  7. I never knew Cineplex still existed! Wow, syok ah, 6 of you can enjoy the whole theatre... so more movies for Princess? :-P

  8. MBO not too bad le. We have 1 over here too...but the popcorn not tasty.


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